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Sofie Madden

Sofie’s life began somewhat awkwardly in Helsinki, Finland, where her mother was in labor for 32 hours. Her father took notes during the entire birthing process, and he now reads the explicitly insightful details every year on her birthday. From Finland, she moved to medieval St. Petersburg, Russia. While there, Sofie’s family picked up a nanny for her named Tatiana, who claimed that smiling was a sign of weakness. Moving to the states to be with family, Sofia knew how to speak a total of three different languages fluently. Of course, by the time she reached elementary school in Chicago, these languages had vanished completely from her memory, just at the time she could have used them the most. Now her chaotic family of three younger brothers, her parents, and dog, George, reside in south Minneapolis (speaking fluent Minnesoooootan) where their many adventures will never end.


Sofie Madden, Senior Staff Writer

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Sofie Madden