Mixing up the perfect milkshakes in and around Minneapolis


Maddy Rockhold

The renowned Snuffy’s Malt Shop provides a wide variation of flavors of malts and milkshakes that will make customers’ mouths water and perfectly compliment a burger or any other delicious diner food offered at Snuffy’s.

Honey and Mackie‘s 
Recently named “Best New Shop of 2014” by the Plymouth Magazine, Honey & Mackie’s excels in satisfying their customers in all aspects. Opened nearly a year ago, this privately owned ice-cream shop is far from typical. Not only is every ice cream flavor made and invented right in the shop, Honey & Mackie’s offers food to complement the ice-cream; hot dogs, salty and delicious french fries, chili-cheese fries, seasoned dips for the fries, and seasonal treats such as s’more waffle cones to toast near a fire are all offered. As far as their milk-shakes and malts, the options are endless with their large variety of ice-cream flavors to choose from such as moose tracks, raspberry chocolate chip, salted-caramel with peanuts, and many other innovative flavors. Customers can be the inventor of their milkshake or malt by choosing up to four different kinds of ice cream to go into their treat. And once customers receive their food or treats, they can enjoy them in the trendy and fun atmosphere where music is always playing and pictures of customers eating ice cream cover a wall. In fact, customers can send Honey & Mackie’s pictures of themselves eating ice cream, and the picture might happen to be framed and hung up on the wall. Be sure to check out this gem, located off of Highway 55 on County Road 24 for a tasty experience like no other.

A little dining car off of busy 7th Street in St. Paul and open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is the well-known Mickey’s diner. The seating is old-fashioned with six bright red booths in the corner and 12 bar stools along the counter; it’s a charming little cart. Besides the old diner atmoshpere, the food is all homemade and wholesome including fluffly and warm pancakes served with sweet maple syrup, heavenly burgers, and the creamiest malts. Because Mickey’s gets their food from local butchers, farmers, and bakeries, customers are guaranteed satisfaction. Their food is made right on the flat top in front of customers, which is sure to make mouths water

The Convention Grill
Stepping into Convention Grill, customers feel that they have stepped back in time to the 1950s with the checkered tiles, red leather booths, and the waitresses dressed in their all white poodle skirt and big-collared uniforms. Even the 1950s style lights illuminating the sign draws in many customers to the burger joint. Although Convention Grill has a small menu, the seemingly neverending malt flavors make up for the lack of regular dining choices. Order a good California cheeseburger, and a chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, honey, or wild blueberry malt and feel your stomach’s satisfaction of enjoying a truly classic meal.

Snuffy’s Malt Shop
Inspired by the 1950s, Snuffy’s Malt Shop is a quaint diner serving mouth-watering burgers and delicious creamy malts, which come in flavors like fudge-banana, Oreo, root beer, and 27 other delectable flavors. Not only does Snuffy’s food fill one up, but it also has great prices that will leave one’s wallet happy too. Snuffy’s, a family owned and operated restaurant, makes guests feel at home with their atmosphere and delicious, home-cooked meals. They have three locations across the Twin Cities in Edina, Minnetonka, and Highland. Not only does Snuffy’s provide delicious food, but also even better prices, making it a perfect place to grab a bite to eat.

The Malt Shop
Though the setting of the The Malt Shop in Minneapolis may look like your typical burger joint, the food is exquisite, especially the malts. From fruity to caramel, they offer more than 35 different kinds of sugary malts for all types of hungry eaters. Giving a classic American ambiance, the shop features juicy burgers, tasty french fries, and fresh sandwiches to satisfy the craving for yummy picnic food. For those not satisfied with the patriotic type of food, The Malt Shop provides a variety of other comfort foods like soups, quiche, salads, and various types of meat dishes. The Malt Shop’s staff is friendly and upbeat, providing an enjoyable experience for all who may enter.