‘Mocking returns to the Twin Cities


Julia Schwartz

BSM students ‘mock by Lake Calhoun.

Julia Schwartz, Staff Writer

Hammocking is a very popular thing to do when it’s nice outside. All you have to do is find two trees to hang your hammock up. When it’s a beautiful day, you can read a book or just sit in the sun.

Some of the best lakes to go hammocking are in the Minneapolis area. Lake of the Isles is a great place to go hammocking because there are many available spots in between two trees to set up a hammock and look out on the lake. It’s easy access and not too busy.

Another good lake is Lake Harriet; this is good because it has many parks, water rentals, and a beach if you want to do an activity before you set up your hammock to relax.

If you don’t feel like hammocking by a lake there are parks you can go to. Theodore Wirth Park is located in Golden Valley. It’s very family-friendly and a great place to relax. You can go on a short hike to find a secluded spot in the woods to hang up your hammock. Theodore Wirth Park also has really good mountain biking trails.

Fort Snelling State Park is located in St. Paul. It’s also a great place to go mocking; it’s very pretty but you can see and hear the highway from the park. Lebanon Hills Regional Park located in Eagan is a good spot because they have lots of trails and hikes if you need to get up and stretch your legs.

Minnehaha Regional Park is another great place to go hammocking because they have a waterfall that you can hike by and then hike down to the Mississippi River where there is a beach and trees where you can hang your hammock.

If you want a place to go mocking that is farther away you can head north to the North Shore. You can get some friends to join you for a fun all-day activity. The North Shore has many state parks, one of my favorites being Tettegouche State Park. You can hang up your hammock along the water and it has many hiking trails and a beautiful waterfall. You could also make it a weekend adventure and go camping; you could even sleep in your hammock and explore other state parks.

When hammocking you should try and find a secluded area when you go. When mocking in a secluded area it’s a lot more relaxing and peaceful. Hammocking alone is fun but mocking is also a great activity to do with friends and family. If you hike to a spot to go mocking it’s a lot more adventurous and typically more secluded.