Battle of the Bubbles: Celsius vs. Bubbl’r


Kaeli Koopman

Athletes fuel their bodies with Celsius or Bubbl’r before their games.

Celsius and Bubbl’r are both sparkling energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine. Many students drink either Bubbl’r or Celsius at different times of the day. The big question is if Celsius has too much caffeine for teenagers.

In a survey, 52 percent of Benilde-St. Margaret’s students would rather have a Celsius than a Bubbl’r. However, Celsius has negative effects on the body for kids under 18. From the Michigan University’s Department of Health, the recommended intake of caffeine a day for teenagers under 18 is no more than 100mg, and a single Celsius has 200mg. Therefore, teenagers should not have a full Celsius as often as they do.

Many student athletes drink Celsius before their sports activities to gain more energy. Backed by several of Celcius’s clinical trials, drinking Celsius prior to fitness activities is proven to accelerate metabolism, burn body fat, and provide vital energy.

I drink Bubbl’rs instead of Celsius because the side effects of Celsius are too much for me. Before I knew about the negative side effects of drinking the whole Celsius, I drank one before every hockey game. During the games, I slurred my words and became anxious, and at night I had a hard time sleeping.

Knowing the negative side effects from Celsius, I now drink a Bubbl’r before my sporting events. I feel less jittery and less anxious, and I do not feel the huge crash I had when I drank Celsius. I also feel the same positive effects of a Celsius like more energy and faster reaction time from a Bubbl’r.

Although there are more Celsius flavors, I think that, overall, more Bubbl’r flavors taste better. Bubbl’r gives different varieties of fruit flavors such as twisted elix’r (rasberry, lime, and citrus) and tropical dream’r (pinapple, apple mango, and lime). Many students agree with this conclusion. “I like the taste of bubbl’r better than Celsius. My favorite flavor is Pitaya Berry Nect’r. It tastes like a Starbucks drink,” sophomore Luella Williams said.

Bubbl’r also has more nutritional benefits than Celsius. Celsius is mainly for exercise and weight loss while Bubbl’r is designed for daily consumption. According to the company, Bubbl’r gives immune support, has low glycemic, is soy-free, gluten-free, and is vegan. Each can of Bubbl’r comes full of A and B Vitamins. Bubbl’r also has 0g of sugar and no artificial sweeteners.
Many students drink Bubbl’r’s before school, because it gives them energy. “I feel more productive in school if I have a Bubbl’r in the morning, because I have energy to do things, and they power me through different classes,” sophomore Ella Adams said.

Even with the many positive side effects from drinking a Celsius, the negative effects on my body and mind are too strong to over look. Bubbl’r gives me positive energy and also tastes great, which is why Bubbl’r is my preferred drink over Celsius.