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A family affair: teachers with children who attend BSM

Blake Mesenburg, Staff Writer | February 25, 2020

Inside the walls of Benilde-St. Margaret’s, many students walk the halls alongside their parents. This year, 20 students have parents teaching them and their classmates at BSM. Depending on the student, there can be a lot of different responses as to how they feel about having their parent as a teacher. Senior Ronan Brew has had his mom, Mrs. Maura Brew, as a teacher for two different...

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Students and faculty share winter driving experiences

Brady Giertsen, Staff Writer | February 21, 2020

Driving in the snow and ice can be scary and even dangerous for new teen drivers. Whether students are driving after a big snowstorm or slick roads, accidents may result without good driving techniques and extra awareness. Last winter, senior Kylie Krumenauer had a scary ordeal with winter driving. Krumenauer was driving her father’s vehicle, a lifted GMC pickup truck, on icy roads. When...

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Engineering department brings education to the real world

Flint Frohman, Staff Writer | February 18, 2020

Many here at BSM probably know someone in the engineering department, but many outside the class may not know what happens in the hands-on program. The BSM engineering class is a unique program, with a high level of autonomy over what projects and activities one does in the class. “I would say it’s about building creative confidence in kids, it’s about getting out of the way of student potential...

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Kobe Bryant’s impact on student athletes

Zach Carden, Staff Writer | February 10, 2020

On Sunday, January 26, basketball legend Kobe Bryant and 8 others––including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna––passed away following a helicopter crash into the hills of Orange County, California.  Within hours after the tragedy, social media was blowing up: tweets, posts, snaps were being sent around, all speculating what had happened. News outlets were competing with one another to break...

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IBA fills the gym this winter

January 31, 2020

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