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Knight Errant

Teacher Tom Klein customizes his push cart

Dyan Hoen, Staff Writer | December 1, 2017

Many teachers at BSM do not have their own classroom, so they are often spotted in the hallways with students during passing time. These teachers are often seen pushing mobile carts around with all their supplies for class. Usually, the push carts are all the same. This all changed when new history teacher Mr. Tom Klein decided to make, as he calls it, “the Maserati of push carts.” During h...

Seniors complete projects in pursuit of becoming Eagle Scouts

Ian Mathison, Staff Writer | December 1, 2017

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a long, rigorous journey, but it teaches valuable lessons that can affect a person throughout their lifetime. This year, seniors James Norkosky, Sam Charles, and others are working towards receiving this award. Those attempting to earn this rank must show that they live each day by the principles and ideals of the Boy Scouts of America, while also earning a total of 21 meri...

Bill Cheney does more than work at the Help Desk

Riley Miller, Staff Writer | November 26, 2017

Students typically see Mr. Bill Cheney––more commonly known as just “Bill”––when they have an issue with their laptops, but he’s more than just the Help Desk Guy. Besides running the daily tasks of the Help Desk and managing a couple of employees, Cheney also teaches a computer programming class called Coding and Agile Development. This class introduces project development while usi...

BSM sports teams dress up for gamedays

Allison Brooks, Staff Writer | November 26, 2017

For many BSM athletes, game days, match days, and meet days are an exciting part of the season. Teams spend the school day anticipating the competition they will face after school. This anticipation is carried into the school day through team dress ups. From footie pajamas to suits and ties, dressing up on game days is a common tradition that most BSM sports teams participate in. Sports teams dress up fo...

BSM students get their driver’s licenses

Harry Madden, Staff Writer | November 21, 2017

In high school, a driver's license gives you power and independence. The sophomore class is just beginning to get a taste of this power, as newly licensed sophomores are now driving themselves to their everyday destinations. Driving has given sophomores the freedom go wherever they want, whenever they want. "My license is freedom to go wherever I want," sophomore Jack Keller said, who has been using...

The student news site of Benilde-St. Margaret's School in St. Louis Park, MN