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Students travel to Guatemala to serve

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer | October 3, 2019

This past summer, forty-eight BSM students and chaperones had the opportunity to travel to Antigua, Guatemala to build houses for families involved with the God’s Child Project. For five years, BSM has partnered with this organization, whose website says that their goal is to “break the bitter chains of poverty through education, healthcare, and housing.” The work that had to be done was nothing...

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TikToks takes over

Taylor Fredin, Staff Writer | October 2, 2019

Throughout the past couple months, the video sharing app "TikTok" has been the newest craze among today's teens, including those here at Benilde-St. Margaret's. This social media app is set-up similar to Vine, with short humorous videos and a "for you page" that gives each video a chance to go viral. These videos may reach millions of people and are easily shared through messaging. The app's content...

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Transferring as an upperclassman brings nerves and excitement

Seamus Foley, Staff Writer | September 30, 2019

This fall, BSM saw a whole class of new freshmen but also welcomed fourteen transfer students in grades 10-12 enter its halls for the first time. While each student transferred for a different reason, whether academic, athletic or otherwise, all agree that the community BSM has accepted them with open arms and support. Many feel welcomed and comfortable in the BSM hallways even after only a few...

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Senior overalls light up halls with BSM spirit

Maddi Zachman, Staff Writer | September 27, 2019

Seniors from all over the nation have school traditions they live out every year, and the senior girls from Benilde-St. Margaret's have one that takes creativity, time, and lots of hot glue: home-made overalls. Most schools in the Metro have a similar tradition involving overalls, but they are typically bought in the colors of the school and not crafted themselves. Senior, Breah Banks, had overalls...

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Senior collects Kirby merchandise like a super fan

Matthew Nachbor, Staff Writer | September 27, 2019

Throughout the years of Nintendo, gamers and fans alike have come to love the small, pink character known as Kirby\; but no one loves him more than BSM senior Ian Wong who has a 70 piece collection dedicated solely to Kirby. You could say Wong is a Kirby Super Fan. "Kirby has always been my favorite action figure. I first started watching him on TV every Saturday and then gradually my fandom grew...

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