Knight Errant

Junior Bailey Skahan has a talent in cup stacking.
Meet the Red Knight: Junior Bailey Skahan
Lauren Hawkinson, Staff Writer • April 7, 2021

Where do you want to be in 15 years? "In 15 years, I will be 29 and I hope to be married or engaged. I hope to have a job that I am happy with. I also wish that traveling will be a main hobby of mine and to still have the desire to explore and find new adventures." What talent do you find unique or important to you? "In middle school when we had the gym unit of cup stacking I was really good at...

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Back in 2017-2018, the BPA Regional team posed outside the competition venue. This year, the competition was totally virtual.
BPA succeeds despite COVID changes
Flint Frohman, Editor • April 6, 2021

The Business Professionals of America (BPA) competed in state this year, and some are even headed to nationals. Students at BSM who competed did well at state in a variety of events, “We compete against some schools in our region. We compete against––I want to say [sic]––5-6-7 schools, and if you are one of the top students or teams at the regional level … you go on to the next level...

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Senior George Wolfe strengthens his skills in Tetris while Mrs. Joseph talks "Frankenstein"
Senior slide remains a powerful temptation for the class of '21
George Wolfe, Staff Writer • April 5, 2021

The infamous “senior slide” is a time joy and freedom; teachers fear it and students long for it. It's a time when you can finally release the stresses that high school gave you over the long 3 and ½ years and relax as you watch your grades plummet with very little repercussions. With the strange covid times and mixed up schedule, BSM students are experiencing a variety of different slides...

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Taher offers students a wide variety of favorites.
Taher's chicken fried steak and cookies reign supreme among student diners
Matthew Kroll, Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

Lunch can make or break your school day. Taher serves a variety of different lunches and snacks to keep students fueled throughout the day. Are all the lunches good? Are there any desserts that students love? What’s the best beverage available? Is there anything students wish they offered? To answer these questions we sent out a survey to students and interviewed respondents. According to the...

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Beautiful Big Sky Montana awaits Spring Break skiers
Spring Break isn't cancelled, but it looks different this year
Jacob Runman, Staff Writer • March 26, 2021

After a long and cold Minnesota winter, there is no better feeling than that of warm tropical air. Last year, BSM students were robbed of this experience as Spring Break was canceled due to COVID. BSM’s spring break this year is March 27-April 4, and students are counting down the days until their much-needed getaway. This Spring Break signifies more this year than years past. It is the end of...

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