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Medical Club gives students hands-on experience

Laura Jennings, Staff Writer | February 7, 2019

Medical Club is one of the most popular clubs at BSM. It gives students a chance to experience medical situations and learn new information outside of their basic science classes. With hands-on dissections and monthly speakers, Medical Club is perfect for those interested in the medical field or just for those who enjoy learning about medicine. Joining Medical Club requires no previous experience...

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Comfortable wins and forfeits characterize CBA in weeks 4 & 5

Brendan Amaris, Varsity Writer | January 28, 2019

Week 4: Week 4 of CBA consisted of a couple of comfortable wins for teams as well as a couple automatic forfeits. Big Fellas beat Shmony team with a resounding 26-12 final score. Kittens and Jazz cabbage both picked up automatic wins because of no show forfeits from Sophomore Girls and the again absent VBS Team. The Raging Rygregs remain undefeated as they survive a scare from the Magenta Half Bars....

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CBA Week 3 lives up to the hype

Brendan Amaris, Varsity Writer | January 22, 2019

Week 3 of CBA was a very exciting one with four great games being played out. A much-anticipated matchup between the Raging Rygregs and Boujee Gang lived up to the hype; it turned out to be a defensive clash that saw the Raging Rygregs remain undefeated with a 13-10 win. The Big Fellas won another high scoring battle by beating Sophomore Girls 28-20. The Kittens edged out Jazz Cabbage 21-20. The final...

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Juniors open up about the MCAP

Sophie Ludwig, Staff Writer | January 18, 2019

The Morality Capstone Analysis Project, also known as the MCAP is a research project that all juniors will participate in as part of their Morality class. The MCAP is a lengthy assignment where the students can pick any current moral dilemma of their choosing, where they are forced to take a stance on a controversial issue. There are three parts to the MCAP project––the academic paper, the...

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Mr. Lyons makes candles as a hobby

Erin Long, Print Editor-in-Chief | January 15, 2019

Walking into the room of science teacher Mr. Bob Lyons, it looks like an ordinary classroom; however, if one looks and smells closely, he or she can find some homemade candles. Lyons is a biology teacher, forensics teacher, and basketball coach, but at home, he is an avid candle maker. Even though his candles look professionally made, Lyons recently found this hobby. “I received a candle as a...

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