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Students’ spring break plans cancelled by COVID-19

Cooper Gay, Staff Writer | April 29, 2020

As the school year started to come to a close, many students looked forward to Spring Break. In the past, this break was a time to relax and settle down from everyday life. For seniors, it was traditionally one last vacation with friends before senior year ends. This year, however, things were different. For those that had plans to travel somewhere, the outbreak of COVID-19 canceled most trips....

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Student find ways to pass the time while under stay-at-home order

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer | April 22, 2020

There’s no longer an excuse about not having enough time to clean out a tired closet that hasn’t had any love for the past couple years. BSM students are taking advantage of this time at home to work on some spring cleaning. “I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot of things in my room, and I had to help my dad go through the attic,” senior Maggie Murnan said. Without being able to leave...

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Students miss Taher’s ever-popular breakfast potato options

Morgan Anderson, Staff Writer | April 20, 2020

During the five minute passing time used to fall between second and third period, students raided the cafeteria for the ever-so-popular breakfast potatoes. Now, these bites of potato-y goodness are dearly missed. Long before the current pandemic, hash browns used to be the only potato option available. Then, tater tots came around as the newest hit. The change from tater tots to breakfast potatoes...

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Birthdays during quarantine don’t take the cake

Keegan Gustafson, Staff Writer | April 17, 2020

Anyone who has a birthday during March, April and possibly May, will undeniably have an interesting birthday this year, or at least a memorable one. When it comes to celebrating during COVID-19, it can seem almost impossible. Being quarantined during your birthday can be disappointing, but students at BSM have tried to make the best out of it. For those who have a special birthday this year, being...

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Student jobs affected by COVID-19

Elizabeth Valley, Staff Writer | April 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many employees across the country have been forced to stop working or start working from home. Students at Benilde-St. Margaret’s with jobs have also been hit hard by the outbreak. Of the 48 students surveyed, 81.3% had a job before quarantine, but only 23.4% are still working. For many students, the temporary loss of a job has been stressful. The day before junior...

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