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Senior Sarah McGurl looks out a window, lost in thought.
Seasonal Affective Disorder Worsens During COVID
Lucy Hanson, Staff Writer • January 12, 2021

Seasonal Depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is the type of depression that relates to the change in seasons. It occurs around the same time every year, and lasts for about 40% of the year. Despite the acronym, Seasonal Affective Disorder goes much deeper than just feeling sad. Though the colorful fall leaves are a pretty sight to see, this is usually around the same time SAD starts,...

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 In the popular video game, Among Us, impostors lie and blend in with innocent crewmates in an attempt to swiftly eliminate the competition and win the game.
Oriana Sampson Analyzes Lying through "Among Us"
Josh Sullivan, Staff Writer • January 7, 2021

Benilde-St. Margarets has maintained a diverse selection of courses and classes for many years; this year's integration of the RED (Research, Entrepreneurship, and Design) Capstone class into the normal curriculum has allowed for BSM seniors to dive deeper into personal interests and research a project that will further deepen their understanding of the topic.  The RED Capstone class allows for...

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Hanging lights is a yearly tradition that spruces up daily life with bright colors and festive environments.
Classic holiday traditions will never go out of style
Josh Sullivan, Staff Writer • January 7, 2021

The Christmas season brings festivity and happiness year in and year out; with this yearly celebration, many BSM families participate in traditions they have handed down from generation to generation. These traditions can vary from extreme outdoor Christmas decorations to a simple "Secret Santa" gift exchange with immediate family members, and many traditions are shared among friends and extended family.  Whether...

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Senior Tom Worrell
Tom Worrell creates sustainable 3D Printing Material Extruder & Shredder
Nate Charles, Staff Writer • January 6, 2021

Senior Tom Worrell  is using his engineering skills to create a green machine for the Red Knight's engineering room. Worrell is building a 3D Printing Material Extruder & Shredder. In simple terms, a 3D printing material extruder and shredder shreds plastic and then creates the 3D printing material used in Benilde-St. Margaret's many 3D printers. The shredder can shred all types of plastic...

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Sage Waymire-Rozman creates eco-friendly handbags
Grace Eigner, Staff Writer • January 6, 2021

Senior Sage Waymire-Rozman has taken the pollution problems brought on by the fashion industry into her own hands. As her RED project, Waymire-Rozman has chosen to recycle used jeans and turn them into bags. Inspired by the extreme pollution caused by the fashion industry, Waymire-Rozman sought to improve the way consumers and the fashion industry handle textile waste. “An average consumer throws...

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