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New sophomore Carlie Pankonin grinds out school online at her house. Many new-to-BSM students came because of the opportunity to attend school in person, not just online.
New students join BSM community
Caroline Forster, Staff Writer • October 1, 2020

For the first time ever, Benilde-St. Margaret’s decided to go hybrid for this year’s learning model. So while all of the students are returning to a new environment, 157 transfer students are entirely new to BSM, and they come in hopes of an, at least partly, on-campus education. BSM admissions usually finds that kids transfer because of small classes, private-based education, faith and if family...

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Freshmen Allison Cachat and Aiden Arndt listen to their teachers over Zoom while learning from a virtual learning space in the hall.
Covid-related changes affect the student learning experience
Alli Voss and Sam Decker September 30, 2020

As the 1,183 BSM students return to the halls, there is no doubt that the learning and in-school experience will be different for all. BSM’s cohort-based and hybrid educational design model have enabled the student body to return in some capacity, but while most students are excited to be back, changes have clearly been made. Raising the question: “Is it working?” One significant change is...

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The BSM website is a common destination for virtual students.
Students choose 100% virtual learning
Ethan Tureson, Staff Writer • September 21, 2020

The new era of coronavirus learning has been strange. The approach of schools in Minnesota has varied. For BSM, most high school students are on a hybrid learning system where they are being taught in person one day and at home zooming into class the next. However, some students chose a different experience this year: online learning everyday. Senior Braxton Bogen is one student who chose to be...

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Boys' soccer team chooses to attend school virtually
Brady Wine, Staff Writer • September 21, 2020

In a time where every sport season played has the potential to be paused or ended completely due to COVID-19, BSM boys’ varsity soccer players have made a move to online school to protect their season so as to keep themselves and their team healthy. A majority of the team made the switch to attend only virtual school, limiting the possibility of contracting the virus and taking a stride to keep their...

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Sophomore Mitch Dokman planted a garden as his service project.
Sophomores conduct service despite pandemic
Sam Best, Staff Writers • May 29, 2020

Every year at BSM, sophomores are required to partake in some kind of service that betters their community, them as a person, and has a positive impact on people around them. Through all the thick and thin in these times of uncertainty and online school, BSM sophomores were still tasked to complete some type of service. This year, students had to get more creative, as the normal service events and...

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