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Student bring lunch from home for a variety of reasons

Quinn Elsenbast, Staff Writer | October 9, 2018

Lunch is the favorite part of most students’ school day. Some choose to buy a lunch from from Taher, while others bring one from home. Of 72 students surveyed, 59.7% reported buying their lunch from Taher. Most claimed they chose this option due to convenience. “I’m too lazy to pack my own lunch,” said junior Brigid Kelly, whose favorite lunch consists of Sun Chips and chicken balls. However,...

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The chefs of Taher find a home at BSM

Sophia Ludwig, Staff Writer | October 2, 2018

Going through the lunch line each day, many students have never actually had time to get to know the staff. Often, students are too focused on getting their fries or chicken-fried steak to have time to chat with the lunchroom staff. The main chef at Taher, Raul Templonuevo, has been working at Taher for five years but has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years. He quit due to the birth of...

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Senior girls show off their Red Knight spirit with overalls

Caroline Pauly, Staff Writer | October 1, 2018

Since freshman year, the girls of the class of 2019 have been waiting to become a senior, that is, by making their senior overalls. Michael’s, Jo-ann Fabrics, and Ragstock were raided by the senior girls leaving little to no overalls, iron-on letters, feathers, or rhinestones left. The first draft of countless hours of gluing and painting was debuted during the first week of school at the pepfest....

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Teachers reflect on their high school experiences

Gary Antonio and Gary Antonio | September 20, 2018

High school has drastically changed over the decades—fashion trends, music, technology, innovations, and more—but some things stay the same: the connections that people made, the emphasis on putting effort into getting good grades, and having fun while staying true to one’s self. Many adults at BSM think that grades should be a priority.  “It’s one of the things I tell every ninth grader...

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Students open up about the benefits of being bilingual

Jackie Bucaro, Staff Writer | September 17, 2018

The BSM student community contains a shockingly diverse bilingual population. When surveyed, students were found to speak languages ranging from French to Arabic to American Sign Language. Spanish is the language most commonly spoken; this makes sense, considering BSM’s impressive Español para Hispanohablantes (HH) classes. The HH classes are split into three levels. Samantha Nuñez-Mudoy, a...

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