Crumbl Cookies: A variety of cookies and opinions

Allison Voss and Alexis Brixius


Courtesy of Sydney Drees

Six tasty Crumbl Cookies display some of the various possibilities this new cookie establishment has to offer.

Many teenagers have seen the hype of Crumbl Cookies on different social media platforms. It is becoming a bigger hit every day and appears to be a fun, new, and tasty treat to try.

The Crumbl Cookies Tik Tok shows clips of the cookies and their preparation. “I saw a lot of people do reviews of them on Tik Tok, and it looked really good, so I wanted to try them,” junior Sydney Drees said.

There are a variety of flavors that change every week, including different types of chocolates, candy bars, cake treats, and more. Senior Lucy Hanson was among those to sample the cookies. “[One] was cinnamon with Nutella in it, and I really like Nutella and cookies, so mixed it was magical,” Hanson said.

Though the cookies and packaging are big, the atmosphere is also a draw to the public. Crumbl Cookies is a very homey and modern aesthetic that gives a sense of comfort to customers. “I was very excited when I got there, and it was a really cute little store,” Drees said.

Sometimes treats aren’t always about how they taste, but how they appeal to the eye. “They are packaged nicely; they are symmetrical in the box. It’s satisfying,” Hanson said.

The brand image and the cookies themselves may look amazing; however, the famed cookies themselves can be underwhelming for consumers. “I thought the cotton candy was disgusting, and the biscoff one was super bland. The rest of the cookies besides the banana bread one were pretty average,” Drees said.

Since Crumbl Cookies is a huge talk around town it draws in the customers. Customers are constantly curious to try something new. “I probably will go back because I know they have new flavors; I know they [now] have a s’mores brownie one that looks really good,” Hanson said.

Crumbl Cookies are located in both Maple Grove and Apple Valley, so it could be a hike for some. Cost is another factor that could turn away customers. The cookies can get expensive in large orders, as each cookie costs about $4. “It wasn’t terribly expensive, but it was not worth the money,” Drees said.

The banana bread, Nutella, and chocolate chip cookies have been a few customer favorites. “I give the Nutella cookie a 9; it’s so unique I have to rate it high,” Hanson said.

Crumbl Cookies definitely don’t live up to the hype, but they are worth a try because they are aesthetically pleasing. “I think that there is definitely a chance I could’ve had a bad week, so I don’t completely not recommend it, but I wouldn’t have super high expectations to be amazed,” Drees said.