What’s the Best Water Bottle: A Hydro Flask or a Stanley?


Ella Kocourek

Stanley and Hydro Flask water bottles are popular at BSM. Among the student body, there is no clear answer as to which is the better water bottle.

When you go grab a nice cold glass of water what do you imagine in your hand, a Hydro Flask or a Stanley? Stanley tumblers have recently grown in popularity over the past couple of months and students have had mixed emotions about them. While some love their design and size, others find them too big and bulky to carry everywhere. Hydro Flasks, on the contrary, are designed to be lightweight, durable bottles perfect for any activity.

At BSM, you can see many Stanleys when walking around school. As they have become popular, more students have started to carry them around. However, the big question is whether Stanley’s will stay popular or if they will be replaced by a new water bottle? “I think there’ll be around for awhile but then probably a new water bottle will come in that will replace it so I don’t think it will last super long,” junior Allison Cachat said.

Students often enjoy having the most popular thing. When that became Stanley’s, students started carrying them around despite them being big and bulky at times. Stanley’s can be inconvenient for students since they don’t fit in backpacks, but the skinny bottom allows them to fit in almost any cupholder, unlike a Hydro Flask. “Yeah, I think it’s just popular [at BSM] because it’s popular. I don’t think there’s any other reason,” senior Nelson Yeung said.

A Stanley [is easier to carry] probably because it has a big handle and you can just carry it around with anything,

— Allison Cachat

Another complaint with the Stanley’s is how heavy they are. Since it holds 40 ounces of water and is made of stainless steel, when the cup is full, it can become tough to lug around. This doesn’t bother everyone though. Many people actually think the Stanley’s are easier than the Hydro Flask to carry around because of the big handle. “A Stanley [is easier to carry] probably because it has a big handle and you can just carry it around with anything,” Cachat said.

Like the Stanley’s, Hydro Flasks became popular because people started seeing them everywhere. Influencers were posting with them and raving about them which led to more and more people buying them. Hydro Flasks became popular for their fun colors, durability, and sleek design, but eventually the Stanley came in and replaced them. While many have switched to Stanley’s, some people still prefer a Hydro Flask. “I like the Hydro Flask better because I feel like they last a while and like I just like it better,” Cachat said.

As the Stanley trend becomes less relevant, it will be interesting to see if they stick around and for how long. At BSM, students think they will last for a while or at least until the new water bottle of the moment comes along. “The Hydro Flask trend lasted for over two years. So I think the Stanley trend will stick with us for at least a while,” junior Julia Evans said.