“Frozen” transcends Disney formula with heartwarming story


Disney promotional image

“Frozen” has continued to draw in large crowds from week to week.

Frozen has been a hit in the theaters, breaking records for Disney’s opening weekend of a movie. This heart-warming story portrays the complicated relationship between two princess sisters. Frozen breaks away from the cliche Disney princess movies where finding your one true love and happily ever afters are the central focus of the plot.

The two princesses, Anna and Elsa, struggle through their sisterhood when Elsa must hide her ice-bending powers from everyone, including her sister. Frozen’s plot centralizes around the importance of sibling relationships, and romance, although evident in the film, almost comes as an afterthought.

The movie begins with Elsa and her parents trying to hide the truth about Elsa’s powers to ensure the safety of their kingdom and family. Elsa struggles with her own strength and identity throughout Frozen, while her younger sister, Anna, is left in confusion and loneliness. Based on the trailers, one would believe that Elsa plays the evil villain, and Anna is the loving sister that leads her into a moral life. However, the film displays both of the sisters’ emotions and difficulties, making their characters much more complex than any other Disney princess’.


Frozen is also filled with plot twists and unexpected scenes that make it an even more intriguing and unique movie. While still incorporating classic Disney themes and characters- the funny sidekick, Olaf, and the charming prince, Hans- their roles have a peculiar twist that has not been prevalent in any other Disney movie.

With a renowned cast of broadway stars and Hollywood actors such as Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jonathon Groff, the musical cast proved to be above and beyond expectations. Chuckles resonated throughout the theater with every line Josh Gad, who played Olaf, spoke. The 3D animation in Frozen compared with other movies was spectacular.

Although the constant singing was a little overbearing, overall Frozen is a must-see. The great animation, talented cast, and unexpected yet brilliant plot made Frozen a great family movie for all ages.