Sophisticated burger joint finds audience in Minneapolis


courtesy of Red Cow

Red Cow offers countless of high end burger options.

Sofie Madden, Staff Writer

With the opening of Red Cow on February 28 in Minneapolis, the new first-rate burger restaurant sent customers flooding through their doors. Red Cow sells itself as a “sophisticated twist” on the average burger joint with their unique ranch-themed atmosphere and their gourmet burgers.

Intricately designed with deep red hues, the interior of Red Cow has a “classy cowboy” look. Flat screens broadcasting the latest sports news line one wall of the restaurant, while western paintings cover the other half, creating the perfect ambiance for either family dining or a fun night out with friends.

The menu is filled with, as one might expect, burgers. These burgers range from the classic cheeseburger to more exquisite options such as the Royale, which consists of an angus burger, pork belly, brie, arugula and tomato jam. The scrumptious hand-cut fries featured as a side option perfectly compliment their gourmet meals. Even seemingly plain options, like the Ultimate, burst with flavor with the added Red Cow sauce, a specialty.

(courtesy of Red Cow)
(courtesy of Red Cow)

Almost every option on the menu includes some type of meat. Ranging from wings to pastries filled with beef, Red Cow most definitely is any meat-lover’s sanctuary. Although there are many options on the menu for meat-lovers, there are also a few choices included for vegetarians or gluten-free customers. Burgers for vegetarians include the Veggie Love, which is comprised of a chickpea patty, avocado salsa, and sliced red cabbage. Gluten-free options include the turkey burger, the patty melt, the bison burger, and many more.

The only downside to Red Cow would be their lack of fruit and vegetable options. With all of the meat offered, some healthy sides would be a nice compliment. However, Red Cow offers excellent service and tasty menu options that range from ten to twelve dollars. For anyone in the mood for deluxe burgers and some modern western fun, Red Cow is the place to be.