Students use blogs and vlogs to express themselves online


Carolyn Mason

Junior Alexa Field mugs for the camera. She started her vlog about 3 months ago because she thought it would be beneficial to have experience in front of a camera.

Harry Madden, Staff Writer

As technology has gained increasing importance in today’s society, many find a new hobby in sharing their lives on the internet. For this new interest, blogs and vlogs serve as the perfect platform. Many think of it as just a fun hobby, others want to send a message out, and few have even found internet fame. At BSM, junior Alexa Field and sophomore CoCo Wicka have created their own b/vlogs, and have even racked up a decently large fanbase as well.

CoCo Wicka’s blog, “Self Love,” has a minimalistic visual appeal. Her blog focuses on “how to handle society and love yourself at the same time.” There are multiple sections of the website, and most of the content are her writings and her photography. Her writings mainly consist of deep thoughts and topics, and she shares her personal truth with each topic.

Throughout the photography section of “Self Love,” Wicka gives the viewer a taste of the fashion, lifestyle, and morals that she lives by. Wicka was inspired to create “Self Love,” after her neighbor created a blog of her own. “My neighbor is a blogger and writes about fashion, and I love writing and I wanted a platform for it,” Wicka said.

Alexa Field has had her vlog for about 3 months, and has a surprisingly large fanbase. She has received over 1.5 thousand views on videos, and has over one hundred subscribers. However, the fanbase and popularity regarding Field’s vlog is not the true motivation behind her vlog. “I feel like when you look at YouTubers you only see them because they are famous, and I want people to see that there are people who aren’t famous and are trying to vlog, and I want them to know you don’t have to be famous to have a youtube, and you can have fun with it no matter what,” Field said. 

Field came up with the idea to create a vlog of her own because she wants to become a broadcast journalist when she’s older. “I want to be a broadcast journalist when I grow up, so I thought it would be beneficial to have experience in front of a camera and exposed to a camera,” Field said.

For better or for worse, these two students have chosen to share a piece of themselves on the internet. In either case, it’s clear that blogging and vlogging provides a new hobby for both creators and viewers alike.