Knight Errant

Rachel Lyons
Rachel Lyons is just your average teenage girl living an average lifestyle. Some of her talents include convincing people she is fluent in Swahili, turning dresses into skirts, and making food disappear. She likes to think that she’s really athletic, but in reality she just fakes her way through tennis and lacrosse with cute clothes and intimidation. For Rachel, there is nothing better than a good four hours worth of homework, considering both of her parents are teachers. When she’s not at school, she watches “Criminal Minds” marathons (she also has a secret crush on Dr. Spencer Reid post haircut) and eating whatever is in her state-of-the-art fridge. Her family would say she is pretty quiet and introverted; however, what they don’t realize is that she just chooses not to talk to them because they are not worthy of her superior averageness.

Rachel Lyons, Staff Writer

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Rachel Lyons