Apotheosis welcomes submissions and a new adviser


Mary Koby

The home page of Apotheosis features images from this year’s edition of Apotheosis and from the Archives.

Mary Koby, Staff Writer

This year, BSM welcomes English teacher Mr. Matt Dooley as the new advisor of the student-run, literary and visual arts journal, Apotheosis.

His role is to advise and assist the student editorial board as they help students publish their submissions. “As a new teacher, I wanted to get involved right away with BSM’s clubs and activities and get to know the students outside of class. Add to that my own interest in writing and publishing, and Apotheosis was a great fit,” Dooley said in an email interview.

Apotheosis is a website featuring collections of art submitted by students. “We publish student work of all types, from poems to essays and literary criticism, to photographs, paintings, and examples of ceramic and other artwork,” Dooley said.

The Apotheosis editorial board consists of six students who review, refine, and help publish students’ submissions. “I also help coordinate outreach through announcements, posters, and speaking to art classes. It’s a super fun activity to help run!” senior Jackie Bucaro said in an email interview.

Although COVID has caused some drastic changes around BSM, Apotheosis remains relatively the same. It has always been a digital publication, so the pandemic doesn’t provide any major changes. However, Apotheosis has been looking to publish a hard copy in collaboration with the Knight Errant. “We are aiming for a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to publishing this year, so we will likely have only one or two editions this year,” Dooley said.

Students can submit to Apotheosis online. After a work has been submitted, the editorial team will reach out to the creator to discuss suggestions and publishing options. “We are committed to publishing as much of our student work as possible, so don’t be shy to submit!” Dooley said.

Dooley suggests everyone submit to Apotheosis, for multiple reasons. “There’s nothing like seeing your work out in the world! So don’t hesitate–submit to Apotheosis and get the process started! Whether it’s looking for the thrill of publishing to expanding your range of talents to demonstrating your readiness for college, submitting to Apotheosis is a fantastic opportunity for all BSM students,” Dooley said.