Apotheosis magazine offers opportunity for students to publish


Sophie Ludwig

Students can submit their art to Apotheosis with the possibility of it being published.

Sophie Ludwig, Staff Writer

There are many different publications at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, and the Apotheosis is just one of them. Apotheosis, the yearly literary magazine, allows students to show off their creativity through art, music, and writing. 

The Apotheosis editorial board, a group of about ten students, picks the best pieces to be published online and in a print magazine that comes out around May. Students can simply upload their work, and the editing process begins. “Go to BSMApothesis.org/submit, and then there is a link to a google form and you can just upload all your stuff right there,” Mrs. Kaia Preus said. 

The requirements are very simple; it just needs to be original work. But, this year the turn out for submissions is not as high. “I think last year we had a really big turnout for submissions, but this year we are having a little trouble getting a lot of submissions. People think that the magazine just happens. Not a lot of people know about it outside of BSM art classes,” Editor Flynn Skahan said. 

People think that the magazine just happens. Not a lot of people know about it outside of BSM art classes.”

— Flynn Skahan

For the students that do submit their artwork and writing, the editors attend weekly meetings to discuss and review the pieces that have been entered. The artwork is analyzed numerous times. Depending on the year, the number of people whose artwork makes it into the magazine varies. “Usually, around fifty or so I would say. Maybe. Rough estimate,” Preus said. 

For the editors, the process of going through the artwork can be a big job, but it does have its rewards.  “I guess my favorite part of being on the Apotheosis board is seeing all the artwork and stuff before it comes in. I myself don’t submit any artwork, but like just creating the magazine at the end of the year is kinda like my own submission,” Skahan said.