Junior high welcomes new science teacher


Colin Strauss

Science teacher Mr. David Reynolds is used to his new home in the BSM junior high.

This year BSM has a brand new teacher in the junior high. Replacing long-time BSM teacher Ms. Evonne Zahedi, Mr. David Reynolds comes from the Robbinsdale school district to teach 8th grade science.

But Reynolds is an experienced teacher as well. He has taught for 29 years, 20 of those years as a middle school science teacher. “Kids [keep me coming back]. They can be fun to be around. I may act more like a dad than a teacher at times, but some [kids] appreciate it. I love the topics that I teach. There are fewer and fewer [people] going into earth science instruction. It is important for them to know about the world around them,” Reynolds said

Along the way, Reynolds has developed student traits that he likes and dislikes. “My likes are when students are inquisitive and willing to learn, [but] middle school hormones, attitudes, and behavior can flip like a switch. It’s all part of kids growing up,” Reynolds said

[I like] when students are inquisitive and willing to learn.

— Mr. David Reynolds

He is excited to not only teach at BSM but to be a part of something special. “BSM has high expectations for its students and teachers that want students to succeed. That means students are going to get a great education. I wanted to be a part of that philosophy. Everyone here has been very nice to me and excited to be part of BSM,” Reynolds said

Reynolds also likes the differences in BSM and his old school. “[At BSM,] kids come in knowing what is expected from them. Students know what the consequences are, and there is no wavering. Classes sizes are also small and manageable,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is looking forward to his new position this year. “I was honored to be offered the position late this summer,” Reynolds said