BSM welcomes new Chemical Health Counselor


Photo Courtesy of BSM

Alex Wyss joins BSM’s staff as the Chemical Health Coordinator, taking over the position from Beth Carver.

Over the summer, BSM hired a new Chemical Health Counselor Alex Wyss. Taking over for Beth Carver, Wyss will be a resource for all BSM students struggling with alcohol and drugs.

Speaking on her role at BSM, Wyss stressed the importance of being there for every student who needs help. “I am here to support anyone who wants to quit or reduce their substance abuse, find out if they have a problem or not, and if they are in violation with the school, I can help them so they can stay in school,” Wyss said.

Before working at BSM, Wyss attended undergraduate school at the University of Minnesota State Mankato, where she studied psychology as well as alcohol and drug studies. Following undergraduate school, she went to Addlers Graduate School for her Master’s in school counseling. Wyss’ passion for assisting others with problems was what interested her in this opportunity at BSM. “I’ve always just really enjoyed helping people since I was young,” Wyss said.

Before becoming the new chemical health coordinator at BSM, Wyss worked in outpatient clinics as an alcohol and drug counselor. Her experience at the clinic inspired Wyss to help young adults with substance abuse. “When I was an alcohol and drug counselor I heard a lot of adult stories, and a lot of them started struggling when they were young. So I wanted to help kids… so that they didn’t continue their addiction habit and try to prevent that from happening,” Wyss said.

I think a lot of time students and people, in general, need someone to listen to them and help validate their feelings.

— Alex Wyss

Wyss has begun this school year getting to know students at BSM, as well as scheduling speakers to visit the school. She has also been trying to make resources for help with substance abuse easier to find, helping students get the support they need, such as locating support groups on PowerSchool. So far this year, connecting with students has been Wyss’ favorite part of the job. “Honestly I just really like meeting with kids and getting to know them. This helps them open up to me in a safe space and feel comfortable. I think a lot of time students and people, in general, need someone to listen to them and help validate their feelings,” Wyss said.

To meet with Wyss, you can contact her via her school email address or schedule an appointment with her on the guidance and counseling page on PowerSchool. Wyss is looking forward to meeting more students and is available to help all students at BSM. “I would just say that if students are struggling or have questions about substance abuse or mental health and want someone to talk to that I would love to speak to them,” Wyss said.