Zadnik-Klecker joins the front office as the Executive Assistant to the President


Sam Best

Thérese Zadnik-Klecker works out of the main office as Executive Assistant to the President.

Over the summer, BSM hired a new Executive Assistant to the President, Thérése Zadnik-Klecker. At this position, Zadnik-Klecker’s main duties are to manage the office of the president by coordinating various functions and projects for President Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut, committees, and school board members.

Before coming to BSM, Zadnik-Klecker worked in different charter schools as a Director of Operations and Human Resources. She also played a role in opening four new charter schools in the metro area over the past seven years. After making her mark throughout this the charter school community, she was looking to move on to a more traditional institution. “BSM is recognized as one of the top private schools in the state, and I wanted to transition from charter schools to a more established school, so when this position became available, I knew it would be a role I would thoroughly enjoy… I also loved the fact that, as a Catholic myself, BSM’s mission and vision align perfectly with mine,” said Zadnik.

BSM’s mission and vision align perfectly with mine.

— Ms. Thérése Zadnik-Klecker

Since starting in July, Ms. Zadnik has gained great experience while working with Ehrmantraut and getting to know the BSM community. “Dr. Ehrmantraut is really easy to work for. He has been very welcoming and has made me feel part of the professional team from day one… Hands down I would say my favorite part so far is the camaraderie and energy that is present at BSM. I am amazed at how many staff members have made BSM their lifelong place of employment. This speaks volumes of an institution,” Zadnik said.

Zadnik-Klecker was born and raised in Ireland, moving to the United States when she was 20 years old. Zadnik-Klecker has always loved to play competitive racquetball, and her skill in the sport has taken her all over the world. Her love for the game even landed her a sponsorship offer from Pro Kennex, a sports equipment company. “Everyone who knows me will say that I am really passionate about this sport,” Zadnik said.