BSM welcomes new teacher, Mr. Keanan Faruq

BSM welcomed a new English teacher for the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Faruq.

Julia S

BSM welcomed a new English teacher for the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Faruq.

Julia Schwartz, Staff Writer

This year, BSM welcomes a new high school English teacher Mr. Keanan Fraruq. 

Faruq became a teacher because he wanted to help kids connect with the world. “In creative writing, the closer we understand how we write and find our own voice in our own writing, the closer we can be our authentic selves out in the real world as well,” Faruq said.

Faruq likes to teach high school students because he can connect with them on deeper levels. “Developmentally, I like to teach more mature students we can have conversations that go beyond plot summary and plot analysis and really look at the interpretation of language and interpretation of stories,”Faruq said.

Faruq also really likes the students here at BSM. He likes that they are very bright and committed to their studies and are able to discuss many different topics with each other in the classroom. “Mr. Faruq has been a really great teacher. From what I have seen, he is super devoted to his teaching and being in his class I have learned a lot,” Sophomore Nelson Yeung said. 

His advice to his students is to do their homework and to be in the moment. “Enjoy this time even though it is super stressful, and there is a lot of unknown out there with COVID and social justice issues. So much of life is really scary right now, but if we hold on as a community and find hope with each other, it will make us all stronger,” Faruq said. 

Faruq was born and raised in South Minneapolis. He went to Blake for high school and was a student athlete in swimming. He then went to American University for his BA of arts and literature. He also has his master’s in fine arts and creative writing from University of Iowa and a masters in teaching from Hamline. “I always just found the community of my classmates and finding those classes I really enjoyed being in helped shape who I am today,” Faruq said. 

When Faruq isn’t at school teaching students, he is most likely with his two daughters who are two and four years old. He also likes to work on his own creative writing and do home improvement projects.