Art department welcomes back Ms. Kate Mich


Megan Cornell

Ms. Kate Mich joins the BSM Art Department after graduating from BSM 25 years ago.

After graduating from BSM 25 years ago, Ms. Kate Mich is excited to join the BSM community as the newest member of the BSM art department. Currently, she teaches Art and Design, Design and Printmaking and will possibly add in some ceramics and junior high classes in the future.

A graduate of the class of ‘95, BSM’s diverse array of art classes is what first ignited Mich’s interest in the art world. Specifically, her senior year ceramics class with Ms. Teresa Puffer helped spark her passion for art, and Mich remembered this class when applying to teach at BSM. “Because of the experience I had at Benilde, the community, the fact that it was faith-based, and that it was a great place to be with a lot of opportunity, I wanted to go back. I always thought, if I did get a job at BSM, it would be my dream job,” Mich said.

Prior to teaching at BSM, Mich taught at Grove’s Academy and worked in different positions at Jostens, a yearbook publishing company. Although she loved teaching, Mich turned to Jostens to explore a diverse range of art-centered jobs. While working there, she collaborated on a podcast, helped design and produce a web-series aimed at helping high school students build their character, and even helped to manage Jostens’ popular Renaissance webpage. Her time at Jostens exposed her to the diverse array of art-centered jobs she could take on. Mich aims to communicate this to her students; students shouldn’t shy away from art classes because they feel they are impractical. “You can go out and be creative… you can utilize the creative process and you have a lot to offer businesses and products,” Mich said.

I wanted to go back. I always thought, if I did get a job at BSM, it would be my dream job.

— Kate Mich

Teaching art to students on Zoom is certainly a challenge, but Mich’s thirteen years of teaching have prepared her well. She is used to unforeseen circumstances and knows how important it is to be flexible. As the school year continues, Mich is discovering creative ways to integrate the at-home students into the art projects. She has given students totes full of supplies to take home, and she encourages them to think outside the box for ways to learn about art even without all the usual materials. During this difficult time, Mich reminds her students to not be too hard on themselves. “Be kind to yourself… learning is hard,” Mich said.

After a week of introductions and first week rituals, Mich is thrilled to start creating with her students. This past Friday, she was able to start molding clay with her Art and Design students, and began making prints with her Design and Printmaking students. Mich praised the students for their flexibility and looks forward to more projects in the future. “I’m just really thankful for this opportunity and excited to be back,” Mich said