Cross country team runs football from Holy Angels to BSM for Homecoming Game


Jack Shields

The BSM football field awaits the Homecoming football, which will be delivered by the AHA and BSM boys’ CC teams.

Keegan Gustafson, Staff Writer

The BSM boys’ cross country team will come together to rush the football 14,000 yards before the kickoff to the homecoming game even starts. They will begin their run at Holy Angels where they will join with the Academy of Holy Angels boys’ cross country team to run the football to the BSM turf in time for the big game.

Looking forward to working alongside with the AHA boys’ CC team, BSM’s boys’ CC team is excited to form a new bond between the teams. “I am most excited to meet the Holy Angels team and running together with them,” captain Frankie Lynch said.

The run will be approximately 8.1 miles in distance. BSM will have 12 runners participating––10 of which are varsity runners and the other two are additional captains. The run is expected to take an hour and a half at max, leaving at 3:30 and arriving at BSM no later than 5:00. Because the run may be a bit long for some, there will be cars alongside to break down the run for those who may need it. “It fairly similar to the distance that I run daily. However, for some the run is going to be harder, so we are breaking it into chunks,” Lynch said.

This event is something that is new to BSM school. The idea has been brought up in past years, but it hasn’t worked out until this school year. Communicating with the AHA team, the BSM boys’ coach, Mr. Mark Snell, planned out all the logistics to make sure it happened this year. “We haven’t really gotten around to doing it until this year. We thought it would be really cool to show two schools working together,” Lynch said.

Runners hope this will bring energy onto the field before the homecoming game. “The cross country team isn’t something that the school highlights a ton, so it’s going to show the different sports that we have at BSM,” Lynch said.