Senior overalls light up halls with BSM spirit


Alice Petty

Senior Breah Banks, whose overalls literally light up, spent over 10 hours making them.

Maddi Zachman, Staff Writer

Seniors from all over the nation have school traditions they live out every year, and the senior girls from Benilde-St. Margaret’s have one that takes creativity, time, and lots of hot glue: home-made overalls.

Most schools in the Metro have a similar tradition involving overalls, but they are typically bought in the colors of the school and not crafted themselves. Senior, Breah Banks, had overalls that lit up the hallways. “I planned my overalls all summer. I drew rough draft copies of designs for the front and back of my overalls because I needed them to be perfect,” senior Breah Banks said.

The school year consists of many school spirit days and pep-fests which all are events the senior girls make an appearance in their denim overalls decorated in red-and-white. These overalls are a project the senior girls complete in the summertime, and it involves many steps. The first step, shockingly, is buying the overalls. “I ordered my overalls from Amazon, but I know a lot of girls in the grade also thrifted them or found some at Ragstock,” Banks said.

The second step in the overall-making process is buying the supplies. “I went to Micheals and bought many items. I bought lights, embellishment glue, fabric glue, red glitter, white glitter, silver glitter, fake pearls, red paint, and white paint. It wasn’t cheap…I’ll tell you that much,” Banks said.

The overalls are a way to show your school spirit as they scream BSM colors of red and white. Depending on how intricate the overalls get, depicts the time spent on making them. “It took me more than 10 hours,” Banks said.

At the back to school pep fest, Banks showed up in not just any ordinary overalls…light up ones. “I wanted to make my overalls unique, so I thought adding lights would be a neat touch. I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to put them on my overalls, but I knew I wanted them. After trial and error, I found a solution. I poked holes through the sides of my overalls, and strung the lights through, hiding the battery for the lights in my pocket,” Banks said.