Orchestra program plays at Empty Bowls fundraiser

The Orchestra plans to perform at the Empty Bowls fundraiser.

Elizabeth McCracken, Staff Writer

BSM’s orchestra will get to share their music while helping those in need at the Empty Bowls fundraiser. The event is happening this upcoming March. It’s an international fundraiser for artists to help combat hunger and poverty. The first Empty Bowls was held 26 years ago, and its in uence is still continuing to expand. Participating artists hold two events; the first is to create and donate bowls, and the second is to serve a meal to those in need. Anyone is able to start or participate in an Empty Bowls fundraiser.

Empty Bowls was started by Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom in the 1990s. They wanted to do something to spread awareness and combat the negativity surrounding hunger and poverty in their area. Hartom, a high-school ceramics teacher, decided to combine the art of ceramics with his passion for helping the impoverished. People were inspired after they held their first fundraiser, and Empty Bowls then became a tradition that spread all over the country, and eventually, the world.

This event is being held at Westwood Lutheran Church on March 15. Caterers will bring soup to fill the bowls and people’s stomachs. Those who attend the event are also able to purchase the bowls that the artists made by making a donation. The money raised from selling the bowls then goes towards charities that are trying to tackle the issue of hunger. There is a stage for the students to perform on, and during the dinner, the BSM orchestra will play music for everyone. After their performance, they will get to eat the food the caterers provided. “This will be my second year attending Empty Bowls, and it’s kind of cool because the people actually listen to our music and appreciate it,” senior and violin player Grace Ryan said.