BSM’s music department sends students to New York

BSM’s Music Department arranges trip to New York City.

Quinn Ehlen, Staff Writer

The BSM music department brings their talent to New York. On February 15, the BSM music department headed to New York City to see the lights, a bit of Broadway as well as getting to perform themselves.

The trip consists of band, choir, and orchestra members to represent all of BSM’s musical talents. Choir teacher Mr. Adam Petroski took the lead for this trip and did the majority of the planning for the events that the students will be attending. “Anyone who was interested from these three high school classes had the opportunity to attend if they wish,” Petroski said.

Attendees of the trip will be doing a lot of sightseeing. From the Radio City Music Hall to a few Broadway shows, the itinerary is packed with events that are a music-lover’s dream. “I am very excited to see the Broadway shows. We are seeing ‘Aladdin’ and ‘School of Rock,’ which will be awesome,” senior orchestra member Drew Check said.

Aside from witnessing many outside musical performances, the music departments will all be doing their own performing. The band and orchestra will be performing at St. Paul the Apostle, and the choir will be performing at Saint John the Divine Cathedral. “I am looking forward to the Choir performance at the largest Cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, which is at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the Red Knotes singing in Times Square,” Petroski said.

In order to perform in New York, a couple things must be completed. First, the instruments have to be transported. “They are driving our instruments there for us in a trailer, so we don’t have to fly with them,” Check said.

The music programs must also prepare a series of songs and pieces for the perfomances. “We have a full list of music that we are preparing. I like the songs. They are simple songs, yet they sound a little more advanced,” Check said.