Student council holds annual Dog Fest

Dog Fest is run by student council every year.

Kasey Desmond, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 15, BSM hosted the annual Dog Fest. The student council organized the event and invited all students, faculty and staff members to bring their dogs to the Commons for a night of celebration and fun. Junior Peter McCague, junior class vice president and executive board president elect, was a key player in organizing the event. “Student council plays a large part in the publicity of the event. We really wanted more people to get involved in this tradition, so we hung posters and advertised over the announcements. The turnout was satisfactory,” McCague said.

Dog Fest allows students to have a fun time with their teachers and staff members outside the school day and is a welcome break from the regular stress of any given week night. Dog Fest has been a BSM tradition for many years, and the community can look forward to returning to Dog Fest for many years to come.