Mac DeMarco’s “Salad Days” sets bar high for a successful 2015


Canadian musician, Mac DeMarco, erupts the music scene with his second full-length studio album.

2014 has brought forth some of the best artists of the decade. Among those making the year end lists is Mac DeMarco, a twenty-four year old Canadian rocker who plays a mixture of jazz and blues.

His latest record, “Salad Days,” is no deviation from his usual. Songs that preach about the irony of bad habits, societal norms, and one-sided relationships cater to a wide variety of listeners. Tracks such as “Let My Baby Stay” and “Chamber of Reflection” add rich colour to the base of the record. Highlights, “Passing Out Pieces” and title track “Salad Days,” are strong portraits of the comedic young rocker.

While DeMarco claims he whips up the majority of his songs on the spot, the lyrical and musical complexity of his songs reach high standards. With lines such as “Oh mama, actin’ like my life’s already over / Oh dear, act your age and try another year,” DeMarco shows his clever knowledge of writing about his own life and family. It is the sheer raw run of the record that draws most listeners in. Mac rides on his music sounding like a used record, and would repeatedly claim that “the kids love it.”

Receiving raving reviews from critics across the board, “Salad Days” boosted DeMarco’s ratings dramatically. In the last two years, DeMarco has gone from playing for 550 people to headlining at Webster Hall, which seats 1,500 fans. After the main extent of the “Salad Days” tour, DeMarco’s worn out Vans sneakers were sold for just over $21,000. Not bad for a man who worked on a road paving crew prior to gaining any musical recognition.

For a taste of something special, take a listen to Salad Days by Mac DeMarco. Combining dreamy guitar riffs and synthesizers with lyrics that preach his underachieving image, Mac delivers a unique sound.