Spooky Black emerges as one of the best new artists in the Twin Cities


Spooky Black has made a huge splash in the Twin Cities music scene through notable collaborations and gigs.

Amongst the mass of upcoming rap artists, one St.Paul local has found just the right sound to attract and command the attention of the music scene. Upon releasing his second EP, titled “Leaving,” 17 year old “Spooky Black” has netted raving reviews from a wide variety of enthusiasts.

Spooky Black is not your typical rap artist. Soaring effortlessly through gloomy, somber tunes, Spooky’s singing ability and drawn-back style deliver a punch unlike any other.

A few weeks ago, Spooky played a sold out show at New York’s S.O.B. venue along with artists Alan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and producer Psymun who collectively form the group “Thestand4rd.” Including a special guest performance from one-hit wonder DJ Khaled, the group put on a solid performance.

Spooky’s second mixtape “Leaving” is tied together with an eerie elegance. Fine tuned by Doc McKinney, known for producing The Weeknd’s debut album, the crisp and utter mystery of Spooky Black truly shines on the tape.

His most popular track, “Without You” is a slow, dreamy, and bass heavy track with a music video portraying just how young the new star really is. Starting off with a scene of a snow dappled forest to accompany the somber tone, the video moves to a shot of Spooky sprawled on a couch dressed in all white with a white stocking cap. A bold move none the less, this video is arguably the turning point in Spooky’s rise in popularity. Bouncing around the internet like a beachball at a Nickelback concert, Spooky landed two sold out shows in St.Paul and Minneapolis and rose from 2,000 twitter followers to 42,000 followers in just a few weeks.

It is only a matter of time before rap enthusiasts from all over the world begin mentioning Spooky’s name while discussing hip-hop’s premier emerging artists.