New director of admissions finds home at BSM


Marley Rozman

New Director of Admissions, Heather Lee, previously worked in admissions at the University of St. Thomas.

Kasey Desmond, Staff Writer

Miss Heather Lee, Director of Strategic Enrollment Management––more commonly known as the Director of Admissions––is a new addition to the BSM community this year.

Lee, who grew up in Apple Valley, obtained a degree in marketing from the University of St. Thomas and describes herself as a “Tommy through and through.” Before coming to BSM, Miss Lee worked in the St. Thomas Admissions office, recruiting from high schools including BSM.

As Director of Admissions, “I have a really big job,” Lee said. Her role is to encourage prospective students to come to BSM. In her position, every single day is different. She works not only with families considering BSM, but also with the marketing and communications department. “It’s my job to get the message out about how great BSM is to the right people,” Lee said.

Lee does not exclusively work with prospective students, she is at BSM to help current students succeed as well. If students need anything at all, they can talk to her. “My job is seeing students along all the way from the process of deciding if BSM is right for them all the way to graduation,” Lee said.

In addition to working with potential Red Knights, Lee also organizes the student ambassador program. “We will be utilizing the student ambassadors in a variety of ways,” Miss Lee said. This program consists of going through the student applications and teacher recommendations and selecting a team of about 100 students who will host potential students for the day, come along on visits to BSM feeder schools, and help out at events for families considering BSM.

In her new position, Lee will take on many new responsibilities, however she could not be more excited to be here. “People are so great, everyone from faculty and staff to students to prospective families,” Miss Lee said.