Teachers adapt to changes in wellness program

Kasey Desmond, Staff Writer

With Ms. Fourre’s departure from the BSM wellness program, this year the remaining wellness instructors, Mr. Hanson and Mr. Sbertoli, must adapt by taking on new courses and making changes in class scheduling.

For the first time, Mr. Casey Hanson is teaching meditation and cooking this year. Although Hanson has never taught a course on either subject, he knows he is prepared for his new role. Hanson has life experience in cooking and Ms. Fourre trained him to lead the meditation class before she left.

In addition, because there are only two teachers to lead wellness, each student will only participate in wellness three quarters––with the fourth quarter free.

With the modifications to the wellness program this year, BSM students are looking at a year of transition. Mr. Hanson and Mr. Sbertoli feel fully prepared to take on these changes. “We are ready to go,” Mr. Hanson said.