BSM Catholic Schools Week Medallion – GET YOUR FIRST CLUE HERE!


Clue #1

New places and traditions all around the school
The cube and a treasure hunt, how festive and cool!
So many things change around the earth
But one thing we know is education’s worth.

We enter in school to make memories and have fun
We hope this treasure hunt will be one.
Catholic schools week we are coming together,
Low and behold the prize for which we endeavor.

Solve the riddle each and every day,
But remember the rules and what they say.
Not in a classroom, office, but a common space,
Look round and round and give chase.

Teachers and staff, you’re encouraged too
To join with all this fun and hullabaloo,
But above all else and whatever you do
Be respectful of classes, others, and the clue.


– There will be 4 clues total. They will be read on the morning announcements, posted here on the KE website, and shared on the KE TikTok – follow us @bsmknighterrant!

– The medallion is not in a classroom, office, or any private space.

– You will not need to disrupt anything, move furniture, or climb on anything to get the medallion.

Once you find the medallion, return it to Mr. Groess to claim the fabulous prize!