Spirit Shop moves outside

The Spirit Shop will remain at its new outdoor location until MEA.


Mary Koby

A BSM Spirt Shop volunteer hangs merchandise in the shop’s new location outside the stadium.

Mary Koby, Staff Writer

COVID has caused many things to change, including BSM’s Spirit Shop. Despite business being low, spirits are still high!

The Spirit Shop has moved locations; previously in the Commons/Cafeteria, it’s now located in the stadium and is open from 1:00 to 3:30 every day. The clothes inventory remains plentiful and much is being sold. However, due to fewer customers, they are selling 75% less candy. They are going through inventory and selling. Parents especially are making an effort to stop by because their new location is more accessible to everyone.

The Spirit Shop also has new merchandise this year. Some of the new apparel includes red and white baseball shirts, red and white Pura Vida bracelets, gray BSM fleeces, and hooded long sleeve shirts.

One thing that the volunteers miss about the old location is seeing kids’ faces every day; students used to stop by for candy multiple times a day. “We’re so far away from everybody… The kids don’t get to stop in as easily.,” BSM Spirit Shop volunteer Linda Bauer said.

One plus of the new location is that when the weather permits, they enjoy being outside for a few hours. “[It’s nice to be out in the] fresh air! On beautiful days, it is really nice being outside,” BSM Spirit Shop volunteer Brenda Wyley said.

Different spirit wear items are available for order through the BSN Sports website, but the Spirit Shop plans to be open until MEA, and closed after that until further notice; so get some candy and BSM spirit wear while it’s still available!