Google Meet allows students to stay connected with teachers during online school


Google Meet Logo, Fair Use

Google Meet has helped the BSM community stay connected during online school.

Grace Cochrane, Staff Writer

With Extended Online School, BSM has had to use a new program to stay connected. This new program is Google Meet, a communication software made by Google. Many other schools and programs are using Zoom, a competitor of Google Meet. Both of these applications allow you to communicate with people without exchanging phone numbers or other info.

One thing I really like about it is being able to see who is in the call before joining.”

— Grace Cochrane

Google Meet has its pros and cons. One thing I really like about it is being able to see who is in the call before joining. This is not the same for Zoom. It can be awkward if you join and it is only your teacher, so it is nice to see if any other students are in the class with you.

One thing I do not like about Google Meet is some of the awkwardness that comes with it. This also comes with Zoom, though. Sometimes if the internet isn’t working or just something is off, it can get really quiet and awkward. Some classes are doing small groups that are randomized, and these can be super awkward, especially if you have not even talked to these people before.

Bad internet connections do not go well with Google Meet either. It can glitch, and you can’t hear what other people are saying and then it gets confusing. It also can get awkward if someone can’t hear and then people are talking to them, but they don’t say anything. 

I personally just like Google Meet more than Zoom because I feel like it’s more professional. On Zoom, you can change your background and that could go bad in certain situations. Zoom also has some plans that you need to pay for but right now, Google Meet has free plans for schools and workplaces. Google Meet is also easier to use than Zoom. On Zoom, administrators have to accept you, and it isn’t that easy to leave and re-join.

Google Meet has been a very cool tool to use during this weird time in all of our lives. It has helped the BSM community stay connected even though we cannot see each other face to face right now. It’s been nice to see and hear classmates and teachers because I think we can all agree that right now is a hard time for all of us, and it’s nice to be reminded of things from before everything happened.