Deacon Doug Moorer leads prayer service


Alice Petty

Deacon Doug leads prayer service for BSM students and teachers.

Elena Latterell, Staff Writer

In January of 2017, while on their annual Civil Rights trip, Benilde-St. Margaret’s American Experience class attended a Saturday Vigil at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama. After the service, Deacon Doug Moorer approached the class and upon discovering the details of their trip, shared stories with them about his connection with the Civil Rights movement, sparking the beginning of a close relationship between BSM and the deacon.

Earlier this month, Benilde-St. Margaret’s was lucky to have Deacon Doug make a return trip from Birmingham, Alabama, to help us celebrate a prayer service for unity and peace. The deacon visited BSM last year, but because of his recent retirement from teaching, he was able to visit again this year for a longer amount of time. This year, Deacon Doug had the opportunity to speak with several of BSM’s classes and affinity groups, as well as many other community members. “This time, I’ve been able to come and just really experience what’s here and be able to share a little bit more,” Moorer said.

When Deacon Doug first met the American Experience class, he told them about his participation in the 1963 Children’s March as well as a story about one of his friends whose death in the Vietnam War led to the desegregation of cemeteries. Deacon Doug’s personal experiences along with his cheerful attitude help him to play a unique role at BSM. “He’s got so many stories and he’s just kind of infectious and he’s just really filled with joy and love for God and love for God’s people,” said Campus Minister Mike Jeremiah.

He’s got so many stories and he’s just kind of infectious and he’s just really filled with joy and love for God and love for God’s people.”

— Mike Jeremiah

Though Deacon Doug lives a thousand miles away, he is considered a highly influential member of the BSM community. His joy radiates through the halls whenever he’s around and his involvement is especially important for BSM’s minorities. “I think it’s so important, especially for our students of color, to see somebody like him who has had the experiences that he’s had through the Civil Rights movement and who has such dedication and faith,” said Jeremiah. 

Especially after this visit, Deacon Doug has formed an extremely close connection with Benilde-St. Margaret’s and looks to visit again in the future. “I love the spirit here and I would come even if I just had an opportunity to come and visit and say hello to everybody,” said Moorer.