Pizza reviewers review Black Sheep pizza

Cooper Gay

Brady, who pretended the pizza was hot because the DoorDash delivery man took a long time, gave the pizza a score of 8.2. He based his score off of Dave Portnoy’s score when the famous pizza reviewer reviewed Black Sheep two years ago. He said the sauce and the sausage led to his high score. While the pizza wasn’t hot, somehow the flavor was still there and made for an enjoyable slice of pizza.  

Zach gave the pizza a score of 6.1. Again, the pizza arrived cold due to DoorDash’s slow delivery which greatly disappointed him because “nothing can beat a piping hot piece of pizza.” Due to the lack of freshness, Black Sheep’s score suffered in the eyes of Zach. However, once he took his first bite, Zach was impressed with the sausage and pepperoni of the pizza along with the quality of the sauce, but simply could not get over the lack of warmth which is why Black Sheep received the score they did.

Charlie rated the pizza with a score of 7.2. However, he stated that if the pizza was still warm, the scoring would have improved dramatically. Due to the coldness of the pizza, the crust suffered a lot as it was very stale and tasteless. Although the pizza was cold, the taste of the meat still flourished. The sausage and pepperoni were some of the best Charlie has ever had. All of these factors contribute to the reasoning of Charlie’s rating on Black Sheep.