BSM gets rid of annual garage sale


Alice Petty

This upcoming May, the Haben Center will stand empty because there will be no annual garage sale.

Nicole Strom, Staff Writer

Students and staff alike know the feeling of getting to find used treasures at BSM’s spring garage sale, but the sale has lived out it’s last days and will not be returning to BSM this year. An annual tradition for the community for the past 20 years, the garage sale was the biggest fundraiser for BSM. The event was designed by the Parent Association, but the conclusion to retire it was reached by Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut and the President of the Parent Association, Oufreez Argenta, together. 

For three days, the Haben was overtaken by guitars, books, clothes, furniture, and miscellaneous items, all for sale in support of BSM. Students, staff, alumni, and community members would flood the Haben––scouring for amazing deals and vintage finds. Behind the scenes, RKVC and the Parent Association volunteers spent hundreds of hours preparing the Haben and items, selling items, and dismantling the sale. “The garage sale was no longer profitable per hour of volunteer work,” Argenta said.

The Parent Association began struggling to find volunteers for the event in past years, but this fact was over-shined by the $20,000-30,000 brought into the community annually. This past year, lack of volunteers and lack of space were huge factors for why the garage sale is no longer in business.  “For the school and the Parent Association, having to give up a room in the North Building that previously belonged to the Little Knights to store all the items for sale and having the Haben out of commission for a week were factors that led to the garage sale ending,” Argenta said. 

From the school’s point of view, they felt as though the garage sale’s charter had expired. “All big events like this come to an end eventually,” school president Dr. Ehrmantraut said. 

All big events like this come to an end eventually,

— Dr. Ehrmantraut

The Parent Association plans to replace the garage sale with a few new events this year in an effort to create community while raising money. These first-time events will be coupled with the Knightsbridge in the Fall or Plant Sale in the Spring, according to the Parent Association in an email sent to the BSM community. 

The students, however, feel a twinge of sadness for the loss of the garage sale. “I loved the garage sale; I liked to shop there and so did my friends. I’m upset we aren’t doing it this year,” junior Theresa Decesare said. 

Senior Teddy Dayton will also miss the event. “I could always find clothes that were unique, and I will miss that,” Dayton said.  

The parent association knows the garage sale was a big hit among the students. “We plan to host other events that fill their hearts in the future,” Argenta said.