Pizza reviewers review Red’s Savoy Pizza

Brady, Zach, and Charlie follow up their Taher pizza review with Red’s Savoy.

Cooper Gay

Following up our Taher review was Red’s Savoy. The delivery was superb as the delivery man was polite and more importantly: on time. After examining the pizza and giving it the classic smell test, we dug in and gave our scores.


Zach gave an initial score of 4.9 as he was unimpressed with the burnt appearance of the pizza along with the lack of flop in each slice. He was also very disappointed with the structure of the pizza, as the cheese kept on sliding off of his slices onto the cardboard below. He even goes as far as to state that the pizza was “tasteless” in flavor. However, after further examination of the pie, he began to see the true beauty within the pizza, and changed his score to a 6.8—a respectable score to say the least.

A very solid pizza rating for the Twin Cities.”

— KE Pizza Reviewers


Brady, who has been amping this pizza up for a while, gave an extremely high score of 8.7. He states that Red’s Savoy is the best pizza around here, and claims the homemade sauce with “a little kick to it” elevates his score significantly. Brady highly recommends anyone who’s looking for a good pizza to try it. He said that it is especially good “football pizza”. 


Charlie first started off by giving the pizza a rating of 6.5 due to the sloppy presentation and burnt cheese. He was also very displeased with the sauce to cheese ratio, as the cheesiness overpowered the sauce. However, after eating a couple of slices, his taste buds had a sudden shift causing Charlie to change his rating to a 7.5—a very solid pizza rating for the Twin Cities.