Spring is the perfect season to enjoy all MN has to offer


Jack Shields

Junior Anna Geherin enjoying the spring season.

Anna Geherin, Staff Writers

With spring recently in bloom, Minnesotans are ready to get out and enjoy the nice weather after a long, harsh winter. From taking a walk around the lake on a warm spring morning to grabbing something to eat on a fun outdoor patio or rooftop, there are many fun activities to do.

I believe the Twin Cities has some of the best parks and restaurants in the state. There are so many amusing outdoor activities to participate in regardless of the weather. Whether it is -10 degrees and snowy, or a beautiful and warm summer day, there is an activity for everyone.

Spring is a time that allows us to get out of our shell and enjoy the warmth. A few ways I try and get out and enjoy the new season is by exploring fun restaurants and parks in the Minneapolis area. Whether it is eating somewhere fun with friends to catch up or heading to a popular park to walk or sit and do homework, I am always looking for new spots to explore.

Good food and warm weather is the perfect combination for a fun afternoon adventure. One of my personal favorite parks to visit when the sun comes out is Minnehaha Park. I love heading down there mid-afternoon with family or friends to explore the park. No matter if we are just walking around or rent bikes for the day, the park is a great place to be.

One personal spot I enjoy going to grab a quick bite is Penny’s Coffee in Minneapolis. It is a thriving outdoor breakfast and lunch spot where you can get popular foods such as fresh pressed orange juice, avocado toast, and chocolate banana crepes. The combination of these foods and a spot on their indoor/outdoor patio make for a perfect spring day.

Whether you may be grabbing a quick bite at a new outdoor patio or are visiting a new popular park to bike or study, Minneapolis has many great places you can visit on a warm spring day.