Guitar is the best instrument

Aidan Luebke wants to vouch for guitars as not only the best string instrument, but the best instrument––period.

Aidan Luebke, Staff Writer

From the theremin to the harp, there have been many different instruments created by mankind. Each instrument is unique and takes much time and talent to master. Although there are many great instruments in the world, which instrument is the best?

The answer to that question would be, without a doubt, the guitar. Stringed instruments have been played by humans for centuries, and the first guitar has been traced to Spain around the 15th century. No instrument has come close to matching the versatility of the guitar, or the influence that it has had on society over the past century.

A guitar can be used to create many different types of music, from Spanish-style music on an acoustic nylon string guitar, to heavy metal on an electric guitar. Pop, rock, funk, and jazz have all been heavily influenced by the guitar.

The guitar is a polyphonic instrument, which means it can play more than one tone at once to create amazing harmonies. The instrument also spans about four octaves, so it is difficult to run out of notes or chords to play.

The one instrument that comes close to the guitar is the piano, but the guitar still has many pros over the piano. For example, guitars are usually much cheaper than pianos, and they are much more portable as well.

Many instruments have specific pros over the guitar, like how the piano ranges seven octaves instead of four. However, it is almost impossible to find a better overall instrument than the guitar. The versatility in the music genre that can be played by a guitar and the influence that the guitar has had on different cultures around the world proves why it is the best instrument to play.