BSM boys’ swim team goes home with a win at True Sections


Matthew McGonigle

The plaque that the boys were awarded for their win.

Sol Dolyscher, Opinions Editor

The BSM boys’ swim team recently raced at sections and placed third as a team. After a successful season with a strong lineup, they outraced Mound West Minnetonka to score their placement. The whole team was at true team sections, which were held at Orono Intermediate School. True team sections is a mid-season championship that featured four schools from around the Midwest. This is the first time in five years that the BSM boys’ swim team had received a plaque for their placement.

This season’s success is not just because of the captains but it is also because of the young swimmers. “So far, the season–for the midway point–is going very well. Lots of young swimmers have really stepped up. Such as Ryan Long, who has been swimming phenomenally well in the 100-yard freestyle, and Sam Haddad and James McCarthy have also been swimming very well and shown improvement,” senior captain, Matthew McGonigle said.

The boys’ swim team came with goals at the beginning the season; goals that would help define the 2019 season. “The goals that we set for this season was to get as many people as into varsity sections as possible, and hopefully take second place. But our young talent is going to be what really gets us there,” McGonigle said.

But our young talent is going to be what really gets us there”

— Matthew McGonigle

Matthew McGonigle hopes that after he leaves, the swim team keeps up the momentum they’ve built up over the past couple of years, as well as keeping up spirit and energy in the team.

“As I’m leaving, after this year, I hope our team grows overall in size and talent, as well as continues to be the fun team that it’s always been,” McGonigle said.