Fruit Fight

You see them at your supermarket and in your fridge. The real question is which is the most versatile? The debate continues.

Harry Madden says pineapples are where it’s at

Pineapples are without a doubt the mostavorsome fruit that exists. Pineapples havea unique taste that is both sweet, sour, and addicting all at the same time. Its crunchy and juicy texture adds to a great experience. Along with its great taste and texture, pineapples can be used in many great ways aside from just eating them plain. You can put pineapple on pizza, use it for smoothies, and for yogurt. You can simply use pineapple as a decoration as well. They look very sophisticated when uncut, and serve as a perfect centerpiece in the kitchen. Eating pineapples also have many health benefits. They support the immune system, improve eyesight, increase bone strength, and help the digestive system.

Mary Youngblut believes strawberries to be the superior fruit

Strawberries are a superb fruit. They add color to a bland plate, are fun to pick in the summer, and can make anything better. Strawberries can be put in salads, dipped in chocolate, or blended in a smoothie. Strawberry ice cream is delicious but they are also great alone. What is the most versatile fruit? Strawberries. Think of all the options at your fingertips. They are an option in every fruity candy–and usually a fan favorite–but they also go great in healthier options. Strawberries are also tasty. They are so refreshing and the perfect size for a snack. In the end, I think we can all agree strawberries dominate the fruit competition.

Kayla Farrey thinks peaches are the most versatile fruit

I am an enthusiast of all things fruit, and to narrow it down to just one favorite is an immense challenge, but if my life was on the line and I had to pick only one…it would be a peach. I love peaches. Nothing is better than eating a crisp peach on a summer afternoon. The fuzzy outer texture and sweet juicy center makes for a prime combination.They are superb for the summer months–May to September–but tend to go out of season and disappear from my life, which is a major downfall. Not to mention peach flavored yogurt, candy, ice cream, and drinks surpass all other artificial flavors. Also, fresh peaches in pies or cobblers with a scoop of vanilla ice cream will always be my top dessert choice.

Grace Christenson finds pears to be unfairly overlooked

Yeah, so pears are kind of one of those fruits where you forget how good they are, and you need this review to remind you. I’m serious. People don’t appreciate pears, and I have no idea why because in terms of shape and flavor, they are pretty distinguished. Still, they remain the most forgettable of all fruits and I think it’s time this stops. Pears are savory, soft, and delicious, and they are also in season so stock up while you can! Pearso er several health bene ts. For instance, they can help with weight loss and reduce the risk of developing cancer. CANCER. They also help reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. I mean, come on. Pears are literally doing the Lord’s work.

Sol Doyscher thinks kiwis are rad

Kiwis are rad. The National Institute for Health recorded that eating a kiwi before bed can help you sleep better. They also protect your vision as they create essential antioxidants that are concentrated in eye tissue. That’s amazing. This fruit also have such a tropical feel and juicy taste to it. Eating a kiwi almost makes me forget how freezing it is here, and how much I wish the sun would shine continuously. Kiwis are flightless birds that live in New Zealand, and those birds are adorable. Which fruit also has a bird named after them? None. That’s why kiwis are the best.

Kailyn Peterson thinks avocados are a gift from God

Avocados are, by far, the most versatile fruit out there. While they don’t contain the same sweet sugary taste as other more traditional fruit, they can be used in so many more thrilling ways. Other fruits are merely side-dishes, while avocados can be a whole main course. Ever heard of avocado toast? And, not to mention, avocados have created the most miraculous dip of all time–guacamole. Guacamole alone has guaranteed avocados a place among the gods. With all the different variations and uses, avocados deserve to be cherished as God’s green gift to this Earth.

Henry Witterschein says raspberries are simply amazing

Raspberries are the best fruit, and it’s not even close. You can put them in smoothies and they taste unreal. They are also one of the fastest growing fruits so like if you want some fresh juicy raspberries just get some seeds and plant in your backyard, then boom, before you know it you’ll have a bushel in six weeks time. Let’s not forget that they taste amazing with chocolate and put it in tea for some extra zing. They are also the best fruit to casually snack on if you just want some Vitamin C, quercetin and gallic acid that will help fight against cancer, heart, and circulatory disease.

Erin Long wants us all to appreciate pomegranates

Pomegranates are simply the best. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, and it’s wonderful. It’s known as an actual superfood and is filled with loads of antioxidants, so it’s a guilt-free snack. Yes, they look boring on the outside, but the inside is filled with red jewels of tasty amazingness. Opening one may seem daunting, but it’s exercise, and who doesn’t want to fight for their food? It makes it so much more satisfying. Pomegranates are also great for any occasion and any mealtime; they are perfect on the side, in a salad, or for a healthy dessert. Just trust me.