Black Friday actually insane, but worth it (Watch the vlog!)

Caroline Pauly vlogged her Black Friday shopping experience.

Caroline Pauly


Caroline Pauly

Shopping at the Mall of America on Black Friday means sales and insanity.

Caroline Pauly, Staff Writer


I took on the challenge of participating in Black Friday shopping and sharing my experience through this vlog. I have gone Black Friday shopping before, but I have never gone as early as I am planning to. I will be going to the Mall of America at 5 AM with my friends to try to snag the good stuff from Urban Outfitters first.


After we got done shopping, I felt an intense wave of fatigue. Though waking up early was terrible and staying at the mall for multiple hours drove me semi-insane, it was one of my most successful shopping trips and enjoyable for the most part.

I highly recommend going with a few friends because they help when you are indecisive about clothes or accessories. However, it does depend because some people like to go shopping alone and could probably be more focussed if one is going for a super productive shopping day.

If you are someone who needs to try on clothes before you buy, I would not recommend going shopping on Black Friday. The lines for the dressing rooms were madness and most extended throughout the whole store. I stood in line for about 25 minutes to try on a sweater and then had to wait to checkout, which in total was over 40 minutes of standing and waiting.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I am a huge fan of Black Friday. I am able to find awesome clothes, accessories, and gifts for low prices and I think it is exciting to see how much you got for what price. I will be going Black Friday shopping again, however I don’t think I will be shopping at the Mall of America. They do have a lot of stores, but I am going to try to go to local malls like Southdale and Ridgedale to see if they are a little less hectic.

Overall, it was a great experience with my friends, and I can’t wait for next year.