Taylor Williams nominated for Academic All-American USA Swimming


Photo Courtesy of Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams swims to victory. Taylor was nominated for the Academic All-American list for USA swimming.

Laura Jennings, Staff Writer

Every year, swimmers around the country apply to be a part of the Scholastic All-American Swim Team. To be considered for this team, an athlete must excel in both the pool and in school. This year, sophomore Taylor Williams qualified to be a part of this team.

The requirements to be a part of this team are very challenging; only exceptional athletes and students make this team. Both a grade point average of a 3.5 and a 2017 Winter Junior National Time Requirement, achieved during the qualifying period, are required.

Making the team is a common goal for most competitive swimmers, and the program receives many applicants every year. This year, 1,622 athletes were selected to be part of the team, and among those were 37 swimmers from Minnesota, including Williams.

For Williams making the team was more time-consuming than expected. The academic requirement was easily filled, but achieving the cut in the time period was slightly more difficult. “I had a Winter Junior National time [in the 100 freestyle] which I had gotten days before the time period started, so I had to get the time again at my next meet, which wasn’t till this summer,” Williams said.

When she achieved this time, the application process went much smoother. “Once it was entered in the USA Swimming database, I was able to apply and finish the process,” Williams said.

Once both the academic and athletic compartments were completed, she could focus on waiting to get accepted. All she needed was a copy of her transcript, BSM’s grading scale, and her official time in the system to turn in the application.

Like many other athletes, becoming an All-American was a goal for Williams. “I knew I had the GPA and the time to qualify, so why not apply?” Williams said.

I knew I had the GPA and the time to qualify, so why not apply

— Taylor Williams

Not getting the time in the time period also motivated her to apply, because she knew she could swim the time again.

Williams’ academic and athletic achievements reflect well on the BSM community and demonstrate the talents of many students. She hopes to achieve this award again in the following years.