BSM hires two new assistant principals

BSM welcomes two new assistant principals to the administration this year.


Cece Golinvaux

New assistant principals, Ms. Cami Dahlstrom and Mr. Matt Weingartz stand outside greeting students in the morning.

Xiomara Guzman and Maddie Butner

Kayla Farrey, News Editor

After Ms. Mary Anderson retired and Mr. Seborn Yancy left to pursue another career, BSM hired Ms. Cami Dahlstrom and Mr. Matt Weingartz as assistant principals. They come with over 26 years of experience from previous teaching jobs.

These two new administration officials feel it is more productive to work together, at a steady pace, and not to disrupt anything early on. “Mr. Weingartz and I are trying to observe and see how everything goes. If there is anything we can help with, we certainly will, but we’re not going to rock the boat so to speak, especially the first year. We work together a lot, especially when we discuss policies or how to handle different things within the school. For the most part, I will be working with juniors and seniors and he’ll be working with freshman and sophomores,” Dahlstrom said.

Although Weingartz and Dahlstrom didn’t seek out BSM, they are glad they made the change. “I’ve always wanted to be in Catholic education. BSM has a great reputation for being a great school, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Weingartz said.  

Dahlstrom is no stranger to the mad rush of high schoolers. She worked for 14 years as a teacher and has a background in science. “My primary [grade] was tenth-grade biology, and then I also taught eleventh and twelfth-grade anatomy and physiology. I also taught a 9-12 beginner EL [English Learners] science class, so all my students were new to the country in the last two years. They all spoke different languages and all had different backgrounds with education, so it was quite the mix,” Dahlstrom said.

I’ve always wanted to be in Catholic education. BSM has a great reputation for being a great school, and I wanted to be a part of that

— Mr. Matt Weingartz

Similarly, Assistant Principal Weingartz also got his start by teaching science at Transfiguration Catholic School for 12 years. “I taught middle school science –– life science, earth science, physical science. I had a great teacher in high school that was very influential in me liking chemistry,” Weingartz said.

A top priority for Dahlstrom while at BSM is safety. She believes that BSM can never be too cautious. “I need to protect everybody here, so if that means removing a student for a little while till we get on the same page again then that is what I need to do. For the most part, I think it is really important to keep people in classes. Regardless of what state of mind you’re in, you’re not learning anything if you’re out of class. I would love to keep students in class as much as possible if it doesn’t hurt the safety and security of everybody,” Dahlstrom said.

BSM students have already impressed the new assistant principals with their studious habits and positive attitudes. “There are a lot of kids curious to learn; they are excited to be here, and they are enthusiastic about their education, which just makes the job easier,” Weingartz said.