New show “The Resident” intrigues audiences withs its dramatic plot line

“The Resident” has an interesting storyline with dynamic characters; however, it could use a stronger element of humor.


FOX, IMDb, Creative Commons

“The Resident” features actors Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp.

Kiara Herro, Staff Writer

On February 4th, 2018, Fox introduced “The Resident.” The show has recently aired its seventh episode and gets about five million views per episode. The show is a dramatic narrative which takes place at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

The show has a similar feel to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy; it revolves around Dr. Conrad Hawking, a third-year resident. Conrad mentors a first-year resident named Devon Praves, a Harvard and Yale graduate, while finishing his own residency. Conrad works to teach Devon that following the rulebook is not always the best option and that the best thing to do is follow your instincts. Many times, Conrad goes against the rules to do what is right.

“The Resident” is an entertaining drama with many different twists. It reveals the corruption that occurs in every business, even one that most people think to be a noble profession. Besides corruption, “The Resident” also does a good job of bringing light to other problems such as shelter animals, drug addiction, and poverty. The writers do a good job of raising awareness about problems while also keeping the story flowing. The problems they touch on do not seem like a random aspect they threw in, but it blends well with the plot of the story.

This TV series also teaches good life lessons. It shows that breaking the rules does not necessarily make a person bad as long as they are breaking the rules for a good reason. This is one of the major themes of the show and it is constantly shown through Dr. Conrad Hawkin’s, the main character, actions. This lesson they teach goes hand in hand with the other lesson they teach: that no matter what you should help a person when their life is in danger. These life lessons are helpful for viewers who are about go into new careers, so they make sure they always keep sight on what is important.

To viewers who enjoy complicated romances, “The Resident” is a perfect fit. The show has many different romances and love triangles that are either moving perfectly or are very problematic. The different backstories that come up that are related to the romance make the romances even more entertaining and captivating. Viewers will find themselves rooting for their favorite couple to make it to the end of the show.

An element of the show that needs work is the comedic element. While each episode gets more and more humorous, The Resident could use more humor. The show contains a lot of drama and some heavy elements and it would benefit the show to split these up with some light-hearted comedy. Now, there are a few conversations of witty banter between Conrad and the resident he is in charge of. The resident Devon Praves also has to do many undesirable jobs, because of his low rank, that are funny for viewers to watch. One time, Devon had to remove a family size syrup bottle from a patient’s rectum non-surgically. The comedic instances the show has so far are great, but they should add more instances to each episode. If “The Resident” continues on the track of adding more humor that it is on, it would become the perfect balance of drama, romance, and humor.