Senior High Principal Dr. Skinner teaches junior high religion


Maddie Kurtovich

Principal Dr. Susan Skinner teaches religion to junior high students.

Megan Olk, Staff Writer

For the first time since 1999, BSM’s senior high principal Dr. Susan Skinner has taken up a teaching role at the school. She got her undergraduate in theology, and used to teach senior high religion. Although Skinner hasn’t taught a high school course since 1999, she teaches a graduate class at the University of St. Thomas from time to time.

This quarter, the junior high religion teacher, Ms. Susan Hinnendael, is out on maternity leave which left the school in need of a long term substitute. Skinner was presented with the idea of teaching religion classes last year from current theology teacher, Ms. Michelle Leblanc. Skinner was unsure how she was going to have the time to fully commit to that position. Nevertheless, Skinner still communicated with the junior high principal, Ms. Claire Shea, regarding information about the substitution as she would be filling in for one quarter.

Skinner accepted the role as a substitute and has been teaching since the start of the school year. “Being back in the classroom gives me a renewed sense of appreciation for how hard our teachers work, and how much energy and effort they put into creating the very best environment for our students,” Skinner said.

Although principals and a teachers work in the same environment, the work performed by each of these positions are very different from each other. As a teacher, the work is more directly focused on the students, versus a principal, who works more directly with teachers, parents, and community members. Even though Skinner enjoys teaching, being a principal is her first priority.  “I love being a principal, and I feel blessed to be able to spend some quality time back in the classroom this quarter,” Skinner said.