Boys’ dance team ready for huge performance


Lauren Beh

The boys are looking to move on from the blown speaker incident and perform to the best of their abilities this year.

Stella Fortier, Staff Writer

Boys’ dance team is a long-lasting homecoming tradition where a group of selected boys join together to perform a partner dance in front of the whole school. The dance team captains are most looking forward to seeing the dance come together and watching the boys give their all.  “I love seeing the boy dancers get so into it, they all try so hard,” senior captain Megan Olk said. The boy dancers are excited as well.  “It’ll be great to have one last run with the boys and to come up with spicy new dance moves,” Johnny Brask said.

Last year, during the dance routine dance, the speaker blew during the performance, leaving the team in a tough situation..  “The speakers might have stopped but I never stopped dancing,” Quinn Ehlen said. This year there will be a new sound system to hopefully ensure a great performance.

This event takes a lot of preparation and practice and it is all run by the dance team captains. First, captains send a list of songs to a producer to be mixed. The captains than choreograph a dance for all of the boy dancers to learn. “I have been dancing for a while so it’s very easy to learn the dance,” Brask said. The captains then have to hand select boy dancers that are willing to work hard and take it seriously. The captains try to match up dance partners according to personality and height. “We pick nothing but the best,” Olk said.  

The boy dancers also putting a lot of work into the upcoming pepfest: “I tried to learn the splits but the plan fell through, but I practice dancing everytime I listen to music,” Ehlen said. This year they also have some new boy dancers joining the team including John Whitmore. “I’m in the lab practicing my moves. I want to be the best version of myself on that Friday during the pepfest,” Whitmore said.

This year, you will find the boys more prepared than they have ever been before. The boys will be found wearing their jorts and body paint for this Friday’s big event.  With one organized practice under their belt, the team is ready to take on the Pep Fest on Friday.