New renovations coming to BSM over the summer

Ginny Lyons

Kayla Farrey, Staff Writer

SWith the recent completion of the Haben renovations, Benilde St. Margaret’s will welcome new features for the upcoming year: updated flooring, replaced sections of the roof, an improved  parking lot, and refurbished classrooms. Construction starts on June 12, right after the school year ends.

If no unseen problems occur, the renovations will hopefully be done by the start of the school year. “This summer they’ll be doing the floor, refreshing some classrooms, and they’ll be replacing a section of the roof, and renovating the main hallway classrooms. There might even be some other ones,” BSM President Adam Ehrmantraut said.

The parking lots will be spiffed up for the next year school.

— Natalie Ramier

Over the summer, the BSM parking lot will be resurfaced potholes. This will make it easier for students, faculty, and visitors to visit the school. “[The parking lots] will be spiffed up for the next year school,” Chief Financial Officer Natalie Ramier said.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s will be getting new floors in the main entrance. Because of the construction on the main entrance, door number two of the Haben Hallway will become the main entry point to the school during the summer. “When you look at the wear on the floor, it’s getting to a poor point,” Ehrmantraut said.  

The floor will be taken out and replaced with grey and white terrazzo tiles, with red highlights that will form squares. The floor in the middle of the main entrance will include the Red Knight logo in black and white.  “[The] Grazzini brothers are installing the floor. The terrazzo gets laid out in grids. Then they pour it in. It has epoxy glue in it to hold it all together with granite. [Then, they will] polish and buff it down so it becomes shiny,” Ramier said.

The updated classrooms will be 118, 119, and 122. Additionally other classrooms, like 111 and 109, are being considered for future renovations. “We’re looking at possibly doing a couple more classrooms [in the next few years],” Ramier said.