Ricky’s Rants (and Raves)

Before Ricky Floyd graduates high school, he has a few things that he wants to get off his chest.

Ricky Floyd, Staff Writer

TV Shows

What’s wrong with kids’ shows nowadays? When we were little kids our cartoons and TV shows were always lit. We had “Ed,” “Edd and Eddy,” “Corey in the House,” “iCarly,” “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” “Zack and Cody,” “Billy and Mandy,” “Drake and Josh,” “Kids Next Door,” “Timmy Turner,” and “Jimmy Neutron.” Nowadays, you see random shows and cartoons like “Girl Meets World,” “Liv and Maddie,” and all these other weird shows that are just bitten off of our shows we watched growing up. They need to bring back all of our shows and get rid of the shows we have now. The younger kids need to know how legendary being a 90’s baby was.

First Hour Free

If you have first hour free, you should be allowed to be late. Studies show that sleep is very essential to a young adult’s mental health; it can heal and repair your blood cells, improve memory, spur creativity, improve your grades, lower stress, and potentially help you live longer. By being denied my right to sleep in and get to school at nine o’clock, I am being exposed to dying earlier than I am supposed to and I know my school doesn’t want that. That’s why I’m sure they will switch it after reading this, so you’re welcome.

Gym Locker Clothes

Why does the school throw away your clothes out of the gym lockers every year?  I’ve had so many clothes just vanish and, every time, the school donates them to a thrift store so others can buy my already purchased products; it’s a sad sight and it has to be stopped. The cleats I wore this season to help my team win a state football championship are gone. I am not the only victim–my fellow teammate Malachi Johnson got his taken too, all because we didn’t get our stuff out in time. Those cleats were expensive!!

The Weeknd

What’s wrong with The Weeknd? His music isn’t as good as it used to be. Ever since The Weekend’s best album, “Trilogy,’ came out in 2011, his music has been average. Since then, he has dropped “Kissland,” “Beauty behind the Madness,” and  “Starboy.” “Starboy” was a good album, but lacked the old authenticity to it. “Beauty Behind the Madness” was an ok album with “Earned It” and “Often.” In my opinion, he is becoming more of a pop artist than a R&B artist. He went from “Crew Love” and “Wicked Games” to “Starboy” and “I Feel it Coming.” He should grow his hair back out and turn into The Weeknd again.

Monday Tests

There should be no tests on Mondays when you have Tuesday to take them. When you just learn something throughout an entire week and you have a test on Monday, as the weekend comes by, we do not think about what we learned. Sometimes, we even forget we have a test on Monday. Let’s be real– no average teenager does homework/study on a Friday or Saturday. Friday, you are overwhelmed with it being the weekend, and you are all energetic throughout the whole rest of the day. Saturday is the best day to sleep in and go hangout with friends or have a lazy day at home. Sunday, you have to cram everything you’ve learned while struggling to remember you have a test. If we take tests on Tuesday, Monday gives an extra day to review, thus enhancing our scores.


Birkenstocks are the ugliest shoe known to man. Although they may be comfy, they unfortunately aren’t the best looking sandal. The two straps over the foot with two big bulging buckles on the side of them give them an old person look. The fat sides and chunky soles make them look like you’re walking on sponges. Last but not least, they look like something from the Bible. I once heard them being referred to as the “Moses 11’s,” so if you don’t want to look silly this summer, don’t wear Birkenstocks.


At the end of the school year, why is there homework for seniors? At a certain point in time, we shouldn’t have to do homework. We’ve already been accepted into colleges, and we’ve already done our part as learning successful high schoolers; why can’t we just relax after four years of hard work and dedication? We should at least be rewarded by having no homework when it not going towards anything. Homework also creates a great amount of unneeded stress, constantly worrying about things non stop. Soon, we will become robots and accustomed to always rushing and having something to do instead of enjoying life by the second. Life’s short. Don’t waste it doing homework; it isn’t necessary.


Camo on camo clothing. Do not wear them if you go to BSM unless you like getting fried all day. If you want to know what that feels like, then wear something came, and students will say “Where’s your pants?” or “Why didn’t you wear any clothes today?” etc. It can be funny at times, but soon enough, it gets repetitive when at least 9 out of 10 people will say something to you in the halls and won’t stop until you acknowledge their witty joke. If you choose this route, good luck. Maybe the camo will make you invisible so they won’t see you or the exact opposite.

Now for the raves….

Movie Theaters

If you want to have a good time, relax, and be entertained, the movie theater is the place for you. Netflix disrespects the movie theater because it makes everyone lazy not get the full experience a movie theater can give you. If you’re going to watch a movie that just came out, go to the movie theater. This tradition that has been going on for decades should not be eliminated. Movie theaters are apart of young adulthood as well as childhood those are good memories you want to keep.


Cereal is very under rated; when you need something to eat that will fill you up but there’s nothing to eat, eat cereal. There hasn’t been a cereal known to man that hasn’t tasted good, so you don’t have to worry about the taste. The color of the cereal is just so appealing it makes you keep eating it and, soon enough, you’re drinking your milk because the cereal tastes so delicious. For anyone who is reading this, make sure you go home and have some cereal; it will make you feel better.