How to: style your college decision

It dosen’t matter if you are going to an Ivy league or a Junior league if you don’t show it off on May 1.


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The class of 2016 did an okay job on May first, but the seniors of 2017 for sure can do better.

Every fall students compete to get into the schools, but every spring they vie to look the best while sporting their new school’s colors. This is the definitive way to style your college decision.

For the Girls 

1. The basic t-shirt with jeans and white converse

This look screams “this is where I am going” and “I lack all individuality.” This look is easier to pull off than passing choir. However, how you wear the shirt says so much about the person wearing it. It can be tied for a “fitted” look or worn a size too big for an “I’m barely passing my classes” vibe. Wearing the sleeves rolled or adding a necklace makes sure everyone knows that even though you are wearing a t-shirt, you are one classy lady.

2. A jacket and t-shirt

If you want to be #different and an #individual, but you are still wearing the same t-shirt as five other classmates this simple addition of a jacket clearly states that you are cold and that you are #stylish as heck. A leather jacket shouts that you are an adult now and you will make your own choices, whereas a fleece lets others know that you are very cold.

3.  The new “woolly thread” trend

Why is this a trend? The “woolly thread” looks like an old towel with an iron-on patch, but it’s a #trend so it is an option for May 1.

4. A jean skirt and t-shirt

If you have enough energy to be shaving your legs, this look is for you! A jean skirt is a trendy #staple in every 21st century girl’s closet, and if you don’t have one you can always borrow a friend’s. But this look comes with a PSA: dress code is still in effect and will ruin your day if your skirt creeps more than two inches above the knee.

5. Dress up as the mascot

Everyone and their mother will be wearing a t-shirt with their school easily displayed for anyone to see, but only someone who is really ready for the challenges of college will purchase a replica mascot suit and make everyone guess which school they are going to. Pro Tip: This look works best if your school has a mascot like the Stanford Tree or UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug.

6. Paint yourself your school color.

Forget the classic t-shirt and pants/skirt/capri combo and go full out. If you really love your school and want everyone to know how excited you are, the only way to show this is to by purchasing gallons of body paint and spend hours the night before meticulously painting every inch of your body, then throwing clothes over it to be in #dresscode.

For the Boys

1. “I don’t care, I’m not wearing a t-shirt”

Whether you’re still undecided or you just really don’t care to participate, the Decision Day outfit that just doesn’t include your decision may be how you choose to go about May 1. If you’re really a jokester you could even throw on the “Harvard Law, just kidding”  t-shirt.

2. The t-shirt with khakis

This look says, after 18 years of your mom picking out your outfits, she’s tired. Your mom always tells you to wear your khakis on days that you need to dress a little nicer, so you’re just going to stick with what you know.

3. The collared “golf” shirt

The collared golf shirt with a school logo is a way to keep this day a little more classy. You will look like you put effort into your decision day outfit and give everyone the impression that your life is 100% put together.

4. The athletic long sleeve with lulu shorts

Lululemon shorts are a common form of apparel for the average “athletic type.” Wearing this with your college t-shirt is no change in your casual everyday look.