Eight websites for wasting time

There are 24 hours in a day and eight sites on this list, spend four hours on each site and you’re set!

Claudia Elsenbast, Diversion Editor

This is Sand 

Claudia Elsenbast
Ladies and gentlemen, this is This is Sand.

One of my personal favorites this page gives you the opportunity to create a piece of artwork using tiny grains (pixels) of colored sand. It is incredibly soothing and the added sound component takes the experience from A to A+.

Weave Silk

Claudia Elsenbast
It might not look like silk, but it’s still really fun.

If you like the idea of drawing but lack the skills needed to draw, visit this site. With a simple click and drag of a mouse, an incredible mirrored image to create and entertainment ensues. Adjusting colors and mirrors lets the user take many different paths, all of which will end your boredom.


Click the link for an emotional rollercoaster featuring Oprah.

How Many Lines

Claudia Elsenbast
If you are super bored, you can just count the lines, but that is not the point of this site.

The title insinuates counting, but have no fear, there is no math involved. This is another artsy site this page features lines, that can be color or black and white, zooming around the room. A plus of this site is once you finish your artwork, a simple screenshot leaves you with the perfect new background!

Cat Bounce

Claudia Elsenbast
Look at the cats. They look so happy.

Cat lovers rejoice! If you spend the day missing your cat at home this site is perfect for you. It hosts photos of six cats that “bounce” up and down. This site ensures giggles and good times.

Flash Canvas

Claudia Elsenbast
This picture does not do the site justice, please visit it.

It’s like space. If you don’t suffer from motion or car sickness this illusion is for you. The slightly hypnotic motion of the site is mesmerizing and can fill hours of a block day free hour.

Koalas to the Max

Claudia Elsenbast
Doesn’t this look fun and entertaining!?!?

What starts out as an aesthetically pleasing set of circles, changes as you move your cursor over the circles into a mesmerizing puzzle of two adorable koalas cuddling.

The Impossible Quiz

Claudia Elsenbast
I got this question wrong and failed the quiz.

This site is infuriating. High School Students with an inferiority complex will have a love/hate relationship with this site as they try to beat a test comprised of only trick answers.