AP Literature and Shakespeare students go on joint field trip to the Guthrie


James Libbey

As a part of the trip, the classes attended an event at the Guthrie where costume designers explained the process of making a costume. The designers displayed costumes from Guthrie productions of “Macbeth.”

Maria Van Hove, Staff Writer

Two BSM English classes, AP English Literature and Composition and Shakespeare Literature, went to the Guthrie and saw the play King Lear to enhance their learning experience.

Senior Madison Semler, a student in Shakespeare, was one of many students excited to see the play and another way to interpret the story. “It really helps to see the character tones and then see how their acting brings the words to life,” Semler said.

For her, it is very fun to be able to go to the play with the other 12 students enrolled in Shakespearean Literature. “Shakespeare is a great class because there a fewer people, with a laid back schedule and we get to really enjoy what we are reading both in the classroom and with other outside experiences,” Semler said.

It was interesting because they put a modern spin on the play, which was unexpected and entertaining.”

— Liam Long

Senior Nick Burns, enrolled in AP English Literature and Composition, hoped that the play would bring the book to life. “Mr. Backen told the class that the play was going to be really good and has numerous great reviews, so I’m enthusiastic that it will paint the picture of the story,” Burns said.

Viewing the play is a nice change of scenery and offer an alternative to reading. “Reading Shakespeare can get a little stale at times, so it is great that we can miss a school day to go to watch the play and see the book in a different light,” Burns said.

After watching the play, senior Liam Long, a student in Shakespeare, thought the play was excellent. “The play was great. The actors and actresses did a really nice job. It was interesting because they put a modern spin on the play, which was unexpected and entertaining,” Long said.