Parent Association sponsors panel about students’ faith lives


Photo courtesy of the Parent Association

The panel speaks about how BSM has impacted their faith life.

Olivia Rossman, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, the Parent Association sponsored another entry into the “Just for Parents” series of talks. Former campus minister Mr. Mike Jeremiah, the organizer of “Just for Parents” talks, chose the topic “Touching Teen’s Hearts” for this next panel, which focused on young people and their relationship with God.

Although the series is a semi-regular occurrence for the BSM student body, Jeremiah felt that the project this month highlighted a problem that teens face, and he believes that the parents in attendance gained a lot from the experience. “[I hoped the parents learned that] we are all sharers in bringing our young people into the presence of God,” Jeremiah said.

Students are not invited to attend this series of talks, but Jeremiah believes that this parent-exclusive event aids in exposing adults to the struggles that teens face. “I simply shared with them the importance of time spent together as a family,” Jeremiah said.

Most teens would not be keen on the idea of spending time as a family, and Jeremiah recognizes that.  He recounts an instance where a young boy used to complain about having to spend time with his family on Christmas without electronics or distractions, but in present day, the young boy, now a parent himself, makes his children do the same because he knows the importance of family time for a young, developing mind. “It’s the little things that are done that, often times, make the biggest difference,” Jeremiah said.